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Symptoms of crop diseases - SS2 Agriculture Lesson Note

Crop diseases can have significant economic impacts on agriculture.

Symptoms of Crop Diseases:


  • Leaf Spotting: Many crop diseases manifest as spots or lesions on leaves. These spots can vary in color and size, often leading to reduced photosynthesis and ultimately yield loss.


  • Wilting and Stunting: Diseased plants may show signs of wilting or stunting. They don't grow properly, leading to smaller harvests.


  • Discoloration: Yellowing, browning, or other unusual color changes in leaves can indicate disease. This disrupts the plant's ability to produce energy through photosynthesis.


  • Rot and Decay: Some diseases cause fruits or roots to rot or decay prematurely, making them unmarketable.


  • Cankers and Lesions: Cankers are localized dead areas on stems or trunks, weakening the plant's structure.


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