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Types of Industries - SS2 Geography Lesson Note

Primary Industry:

Definition: Primary industries are involved in the extraction or harvesting of natural resources directly from the Earth. They deal with raw materials.

Examples: Agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry.


Secondary Industry:

Definition: Secondary industries take the raw materials from primary industries and process them to create finished products. They are often involved in manufacturing and construction.

Examples: Manufacturing of automobiles, steel production, construction.


Tertiary Industry:

Definition: Tertiary industries provide services rather than physical products. They focus on offering assistance, expertise, or entertainment to people or other businesses.

Examples: Retail, healthcare, education, banking, tourism.


Quaternary Industry:

Definition: Quaternary industries deal with information and knowledge-based services. They involve research, development, and management of information and technology.

Examples: Software development, research and development, data analysis, consultancy.


These four types of industries represent different stages in the economic process. Primary industries are the foundation, supplying raw materials, while secondary industries transform these materials into products. Tertiary industries offer services, and quaternary industries focus on knowledge and information. Together, they make up the diverse landscape of economic activities in a region or country.



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