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Increase in the number of people living below the poverty line in Africa is particularly because

A The largest proportion of Africa's populations are unemployed
B Of the prevalence of corruption
C Of the problem of insecurity scaring away investors
D A vast majority of its populants have chosen to be unproductive

Correct Option: A



Note that as much as almost all of the options are right, the emphasis on the question is on' particularly' It is largely and logically smart to trace Africa's poverty increase to the widespread unemployment rate of the youth - the largest proportion of the African population.


The First and Second World Wars were between ... respectively

A 1939-1945, 1914-1918
B 1914-1918, 1939-1945
C 1914-1919, 1932-1942
D 1914-1919, 1939-1945

Correct Option: B


Around1914-1918 and 1939-1945 respectively was when the first word war and second world war were fought. 


The main motive behind imperialism has been aforetime categorised as primarily

A to colonise less developed states
B the socio-economic transformation agenda for Africa
C to expand socio-cultural territories of the Western powers
D being to obtain and control a supply of raw materials for industries

Correct Option: D


The historical motivation for imperialism has been obtain and control the abundant raw materials, resources of the developing States by the Western power.

This particular feature of socio-economic dominion differentiates it from Colonialism as a concept.


The most immediate reason for the declaration, by Ojukwu, of Eastern Nigeria as an independent State of Biafra was that

A The Gowon-led coup strictly targeted the Igbos
B The wanted the freedom for the Igbos at all cost
C Of the creation of twelve States by Gowon to dismantle any secessionist agenda
D corruption and oppression was too prevalent in Nigeria

Correct Option: C


The decralation of an independent State of Biafra seeing as Gowon created twelve states in May 1976 without consultation, was done by Ojukwu. This, he ( Ojukwu) considered as the last straw.


Igbo's active resistance to the British Colonial rule is particularly because of the

A impression that the British officials favoured the Northerners
B maladministration of the British Indirect rule Policy
C regressive taxation of their society
D egalitarian nature of their society

Correct Option: D


 As the system of governance did not sit well with the egalitarian nature of the society where no one is designated out-rightly as a political leader the Igbos therefore challenged the British imperial rule. 


The Colony and Protectorate of Lagos and the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria were merged in ... to form

A 1906, Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria
B 1901, Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria
C 1906, Lagos Colony and Southern Nigeria Protectorate
D 1901, Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria

Correct Option: A


The amalgation of 1914 produced the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. The correct answer is the 1906 the colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria. 


The major administrative change made immediately after the 1914 Amalgamation was the?

A introduction of a direct taxation system
B creation of districts for political convenience
C imposition of warrant chiefs in the Eastern Region
D division of Nigeria into provinces

Correct Option: D


The division of the territory into provinces headed by provincial commissioners was the only change made upon amalgamation of 1914. The best answer is the division of Nigeria into provinces. 


The particular incident that led to Macaulay's imprisonment, twice, by the colonial power was

A his criticism of British rule through the Lagos Daily News
B his constant opposition to the expansion of the British rule
C the humiliation of the British officials through his successful defense of Eleko in London
D the attempt to silence British officials through the platform of the NNDP

Correct Option: C


The humiliation brought to the British officials, Macaulay was jailed twice by the colonial power thereafter this was because of the retaliation to the successful defence of Eshugbayi Eleko as the rightful king of Lagos. 


The London Constitutional Conference of 1957 was targeted at

A increasing wider participation of the people in their Regional legislature
B ensuring the speedy growth of federalism in Nigeria
C imputing the voice of the people in their Independence Constitution
D preparing ground works for the self-governance and inclusive development of Nigeria

Correct Option: D


The Conference among other things, deliberated on the proposed dates for the independence of each of the regions, increased membership of the House of Representatives, creation of the Prime Minister's office etc for Nigeria. The Best answer preparing ground works for the self - governance and inclusive development of Nigeria. 


The colonial investments in extractive industries invariably led to the

A urbanization of towns and cities in Nigeria
B arrival of slave trading in Nigeria and Africa
C motivation of a continued colonial rule
D uneven development of the regions in Nigeria

Correct Option: A


The colonialists focused in raw materials and industries for their extraction, employed both skilled and unskilled labour.

All of these activities led to the urbanization of the vicinities around these industries.


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