1994 JAMB Physics Past Questions & Answers - page 1


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If it takes 5.0 hrs to drain a container of 540.0cm3 of water, what is the flow rate of water from the container in kg-1? [Density of water = 1000kgm-3]
A 32.5kg-1 s
B 31.5kg-1
C []
D []

Correct Option: D

A boat travels due east at a speed 40ms-1s across a river flow due south at 30ms-1s. What is the resultant speed of the boat?
A 1.3ms-1
B 10.0ms-1
C 50.0ms-1
D 70.0ms-1

Correct Option: C

An object is projected with a velocity of 80ms-1 at an angle of 30o to the horizontal.The maximum height reached is
A 20m
B 80m
C 160m
D 320m

Correct Option: B

max. height = \(\frac{U^2\sin^2\theta}{2g}\)

= \(\frac{80 \times 80 \times \sin^2(30)}{2 \times 10}\)

= 80m

A motor vehicle is brought to rest from a speed of 15ms-1 in 20 seconds. Calculate the retardation.
A 0.75ms-1
B 1.33ms-2
C 5.00ms-2
D 7.50ms-2

Correct Option: A

Retardation = \(\frac{u - v}{t}\)

= \(\frac{15 -0}{20}\)

= 0.75ms-1

Which of the following is TRUE of a particle moving in a horizontal circle with constant angular velocity?
A The energy is costant but the linear momentum varies
B The linear momentum is conatant but the energy varies
C both energy and linear momentum are constant
D The speed and the linear velocity are both constant

Correct Option: C

An object of mass 50kg is released from a height of 2m.Find the kinetic energy just before it strikes the ground
A 250J
B 1000J
C 10 000J
D 100 000J

Correct Option: B

P.E = K.E = mgh

= 50 x 10 x 2 = 1000J

A cone in an unstable equilibrium has its potential energy
A decreased
B increased
C unchanged
D oscillating

Correct Option: B

Calculate the magnitude of the force required to just move a 20kg object along a horizontal surface if the coefficient of friction is 0.2. [g = 10ms-2]
A 400.0N
B 40.0N
C 4.0N
D 0.4N

Correct Option: B

F = \(\mu\)mg

= 0.2 x 20 x 10

= 40N

Calculate the velocity ratio of a screw jack of pitch 0.3cm if the length of the tommy bar is 21cm
A \(\frac{1}{140}\)\(\pi\)
B 14\(\pi\)
C 70\(\pi\)
D 140\(\pi\)

Correct Option: D

V.R = \(\frac{2\pi L}{p}\)

= \(\frac{2 \times \pi \times 2}{0.3}\)

V.R = 140\(\pi\)

A force of 15N stretches a spring to a total length of 30cm. An additional force of 10N stretches the spring 5cm further. Find the natural length of the spring
A 25.0cm
B 22.5cm
C 20.0cm
D 15.0cm

Correct Option: B

\(\frac{15}{30 - L}\) = \(\frac{10}{5}\)

L = 22.5cm


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