2012 JAMB Physics Past Questions & Answers - page 1


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In order to remove the error of parallax when talking measurements with a metre rule, the eye should be focused
A slantingly towards the right on the markings
B slantingly towards the left on the markings
C vertically downwards on the markings
D vertically upwards on the markings

Correct Option: C

A load is pulled at a uniform speed along a horizontal floor by a rope at 45o to floor. If the force in the rope is 1500N, what is the frictional force on the load ?
A 1524N
B 1350N
C 1260N
D 1061N

Correct Option: D

F = mg cos 45o = 1500 x 0.708

Calculate the total distance covered by a train before coming to rest if its initial speed is 30ms-1 with a constant retardation of 0.1m-2
A 5500m
B 4500m
C 4200m
D 3000m

Correct Option: B

S = \(\frac{V^2 - U^2}{20}\)

S = \(\frac{0^2 - 30^2}{2 \times 0.1}\)

A car starts from rest and moves with a uniform acceleration of 30ms-2 for 20s. Calculate the distance covered at the end of the motion
A 6km
B 12km
C 18km
D 24km

Correct Option: A

S = \(ut + \frac{1}{2}at^2\)

S = \(0 \times 2 + \frac{1}{2} \times 30 \times 20^2\)

A rocket is fired from the earth's surface to a distant planet. By Newton's law of universal gravitation, the force F will
A increase as r reduces
B increase as G varies
C remains constant
D increases as r increases

Correct Option: A

If a freely suspended object is pulled to one side and released, it oscillates about the point of suspension because the
A acceleration is directly proportional to the displacement
B motion is directed away from the equilibrium point
C acceleration is directly proportional to the square of the displacement
D velocity is minimum at the equilibrium ponit

Correct Option: A

An object moves in a circular path of radius 0.5m with a speed of 1ms-1 What is its angular velocity?
A 8 rads-1
B 4 rads-1
C 2 rads-1
D 1 rads-1

Correct Option: C

W = \(\frac{v}{r} = \frac{1}{0.5}\)

An object of mass 20kg slides down an inclined plane at an angle of 30o to the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction is?
[g = 10ms-2]
A 0.2
B 0.3
C 0.5
D 0.6

Correct Option: D

\(\mu = tan\theta = tan30\)

A block and tackle is used to raise a load of 250N through a vertical distance of 30m. What is the efficiency of the system if the work done against friction is 1500J?
A 62.5%
B 73.3%
C 83.3%
D 94.3%

Correct Option: C

Y = \(\frac{work output}{work input} \times \frac{150}{1}\)

Y = \(\frac{250 \times 30}{250 \times 30 + 1500} \times \frac{150}{1}\)

If a load of 1 kg stretches a cord by 1.2cm, what is the force constant of the cord? {g=10ms-2}
A 866Nm-1
B 833Nm-1
C 769Nm-1
D 667Nm-1

Correct Option: B

K = \(\frac{F}{e}\)

K = \(\frac{1 \times 10}{\frac{0.2}{100}}\)

K = \(\frac{10}{12} \times \frac{1000}{1}\)


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