SS3 Accounting

Principles of Accounting for SS3 class, 1st, 2nd and 3rd term.

Practise for Exam/Quiz

  1. Purchase of Business Account: Meaning
  2. Terminologies Used In The Purchase of Business Account
  3. Preparation of Purchase of Business In Purchaser’s Books: Journal Entry
  4. Further Treatment of Purchase of Business - Vendor’s Account
  5. Preparation of Vendor's Account And Balance Sheet
  6. Hire Purchase And Installment Payment Accounts - Definition & Types of Goods On Hire Purchase
  7. Hire Purchase And Installment Payment Accounts - Terminologies
  8. Operation of Hire Purchase System
  9. Calculation of Interest Charge
  10. Preparation of Hire Purchase Account And The Vendor’s Account
  11. Consignment Account - Meaning/Definition
  12. Consignment Account - Terminologies
  13. Consignment Account - Entries In The Books of Consignor (Preparation)
  14. Consignee’s Account And Trading, Profit And Loss Account
  15. Joint Ventures Account - Meaning/Definition
  16. Differences Between Partnership And Joint Ventures
  17. Preparation of Joint Venture Accounts
  18. Joint Venture Memorandum Account
  19. Departmental Account - Meaning/Definition
  20. Basis For Apportionment of Expenses
  21. Advantages of Departmental Account
  22. Preparation of Departmental Trading, Profit And Loss Account And Balance Sheet
  23. Description of Branch Organization
  24. Types of Branches: Local And Foreign
  25. Importance of Branch Account
  26. Difference Between Branch And Departmental Organization
  27. Preparation of Branch Account And Head Office Books
  28. Meaning of Contract Account
  29. Contract Account - Terminologies Used
  30. Public Sector Account - Sources of Government Revenue
  31. Terminologies Used In Public Sector Account
  32. Classification of Expenses
  33. Capital Expenditure
  34. Recurrent Expenditure
  35. Introduction To Data Peocessing - Meaning/Definition
  36. The Computer: Hardware And Software System
  37. Application of Data Processing In An Accounting Environment
  38. Advantages/Disadvantages of Computer
  39. Intranets And Internet - Advantages And Disadvantages To Accounting