JAMB 2021 registration not announced? - JAMB (1)

So JAMB registration haven't started yet. Better ignore the fake rumours saying the form is out. Some might be scammers looking for whom to scan.

The official Twitter handle of JAMB said so in their tweet: IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC This is to inform the general public that no date has been fixed for 2021 UTME registration. Kindly disregard any tweet from a fake account that stated otherwise.

The general public will be duly informed when the date is fixed. Thank you. Here is the link to the announcement: https://twitter.com/JAMBHQ/status/1366691021845913600?s=19 When do you guys think the exam will start because it's taking too long already.

They want students to wait another year?

Posted 1 year ago by Mercy

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Zest (7 months ago)

2021/2022? no

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Zest (7 months ago) REPLIED Zest's comment:

2021/2022? no

Maybe before the year runs out they will announce it

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