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Requirements to Study Abroad in UK, USA, & Canada (guide for Nigerians)

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Want to study abroad in the UK, US or Canada? This post gives you some information you need and you also get to learn about UK student visa requirements and that of Canada and the USA. If you are a Nigerian student who wishes to further his/her studies abroad in the aforementioned countries, among the first things that should come to your mind is what are the requirements to study abroad for someone seeking admission into their universities. Talking about requirements, this can vary with schools. However, there are some general requirements if you are looking to study in a particular country. So always check for specific requirements for the program you wish to apply for. Below are lists of requirements for someone who wishes to study in the countries listed below, namely the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

How to study abroad

First, you need to go understand the application processes, research topics, getting your transcript from your school, among other things. The good news is that you can get this has been covered in the article on how to gain admission to study abroad. With that information, you still need to know the credentials required and that is what this post covers.

How to study in the UK

For someone who wishes to study in the UK, you have to meet the academic requirements and UK visa requirements as well. Let's start with the visa.

UK Student Visa Requirements

  1. Evidence of student’s or sponsor’s funded account.
  2. Official financial or government sponsorship.
  3. Student’s Parents bank statement.
  4. A loan in the student’s name.
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Stamped copies of bank statements (2)
  7. All educational documents in original including IELTS/ TOEFL

Admission Requirements to study in the UK

  1. Reference Letter (From two teachers or employers)
  2. O-Level Result Card (2 copies)
  3. Two PP size photos
  4. Two copies of passport
  5. Two Copies of IELTS / TOEFL
  6. A-Level Result (2 copies)
  7. First degree & transcripts (2 copies): If you have done a bachelor's degree.
  8. Personal statement
  9. A CV (mostly optional)

How to study in the USA

The US schools general admission requirements

  1. Recommendation Letter
  2. O-Level Result (2 copies)
  3. A-Level Result (2 copies)
  4. Job letter (if any)
  5. Personal statement
  6. A CV (mostly optional)
  7. Two PP size photos
  8. Two copies of passport
  9. Two Copies of IELTS / TOEFL
  10. First degree & transcripts (2 copies):  where applicable
  11. Postgraduate degree & transcripts (2 copies):  where applicable
  12. Sponsor’s Affidavit/Letter stating that he/she is willing to bear all the educational and living expenses of the student throughout his/her study abroad period.
  13. Sealed and stamped documents validated by the former school(s)
  14.  C grade in mathematics is required for computer science and engineering courses.
  15. A bank letter from your sponsor’s bank stating that the account holder (sponsor) is having funds in his/her.
  16. Please use www.wes.org to validate Masters's documents.

USA Student's Visa Requirements

Below is a list of document you will need when submitting an application at American Express:
  1. Form DS-156 completely filled.
  2. Form DS-157 completely filled.
  3. Form DS-158 completely filled.
  4. Form an applicant’s parent’s information completely filled.
  5. Appointment letter.
  6.  All educational documents in original with each photocopy
  7. Sponsor letter
  8. Sponsor’s bank statement
  9. Any other financial documents of your sponsor
  10. Photocopy of form I-20.
  11. Receipt of Home office fee payable after visa confirmation  (100 USD)
  12. Visa application fee in cash
  13. University/College offer letter (I-20/acceptance letter).
  14. .National ID card in Original
  15. Two pictures with a white background. Size 2 inches x 2 inches (50mm by 50mm).
  16. Passport in original with a photocopy.
  17. National ID card in original.
  18. Complete details of your family

How to study in CANADA

General Admission requirements for admission into Canadian schools

  1. Recommendation  Letter (From 2 lecturers or employers)
  2. O-Level result (2 copies)
  3. A-Level Result (2 copies)
  4. Degree & transcripts (2 copies): now applies to you if you’ve got done a bachelor's degree.
  5.  Postgraduate degree & transcripts (2 copies): Where applicable.
  6. Job letter (experience letter if any)
  7. Personal statement
  8. CV (mostly optional)
  9. 2 PP size photos
  10. 2 copies of passport
  11. 2 Copies of IELTS / Toefl / PTE Result

Canada Student's Visa Requirements

  1. Visa application.
  2. Student family form
  3. Visa fee Canadian embassy payment slip.
  4. Four photos: Size 35mm x 45mm(with white background)
  5. Passport in original having half-dozen months validity at the time of applying for a visa
  6. All Admission letters from University
  7. Teacher Recommendation letters.
  8. Personal Statement
  9. IELTS / TOEFL results.
  10. All academic Documents in Original from matriculation onward with all Character Certificates.
  11. Job letter if student doing job + CV.
  12. Police character
  13. Health Certificate
  14. Proof of Job/business of the Sponsor
  15. Documents of Agricultural Land of sponsor just in case of agricultural business.
  16. Sponsor Bank Statements (Personal + Business)
  17. It’d be ideal if the sponsor transfer one-year tuition and one year living to the student’s own checking account before applying for the visa as several days as are often.
  18. If Sponsor lives in a different country together aside from the USA, additionally get a copy of the passport & Copy of citizenship.
Note: The information above is general and may not be all that is required for your specific case. Please verify from the school you are applying to and from relevant bodies the requirements for your specific program and country. All the best.
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