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How To Score High in JAMB 2024 UTME Exam (Hidden JAMB Secrets)

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Preparing for the next JAMB exam? Discover JAMB's secret to help you score high in the next JAMB UTME exam.

Discover how to score 300 and above in the JAMB exam. This guideline is a must-read for any JAMB candidate who wishes to know how to prepare for JAMB the right way and perform well in the next UTME exam.

There is no magic to a high JAMB score but just a simple JAMB secret. Believe me, there are candidates like you who scored above 350 in JAMB.

Even in this coming JAMB CBT exam, some candidates will come out with scores of up to 350. So, if you are one of those who have been made to believe that JAMB is hard or that you can't go beyond 220, stop believing those lies!

In this post, I will share with you some secrets that will help you to score high not only in JAMB but in your subsequent exams.

Remember, after JAMB and post UTME, you will gain admission and depending on the school, you may begin to face "bigger" exams.

As a "Super Lion" (a UNN graduate), I can tell you that JAMB is not where the big work is. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who looks beyond JAMB and tries to plan for the feature, the tips I'll share here will benefit you a lot.

Why am I in a position to give this guide?

Sat for O'Level in 2010, JAMB in 2011, UNN Post UTME in 2011, five-year course (Mechanical Engineering) with many examinations, and graduated in 2016. Also, being a blogger makes me follow the trends both in JAMB and other examinations.

Hence, I believe I have a lot to share about examinations.

JAMB Exam Secret #1: Start preparing early!

Start early! We all know the tradition of many JAMB students. "Guy, what's up about this JAMB?" "O boy JAMB is still far na!" Lies! JAMB is closer than you think.

The number one mistake most JAMBites make is not starting to prepare for JAMB on time.

Many candidates tend to relax and wait for two months for JAMB before they start getting ready.

Some have concluded that 2 months of JAMB lessons is all they need to prepare for JAMB.

But, can this work for you even if it works for the next person?

JAMB CBT Secret #2: Study with JAMB past questions!

This is among the most important secrets to JAMB's success! JAMB past questions give you an idea of the type of questions to expect in your UTME exam. No serious JAMB student will neglect the importance of JAMB past questions.

Interestingly, we have thousands of JAMB past questions and answers in all the subjects and you can study them offline with EduPadi JAMB App: Download the JAMB CBT app

JAMB CBT Secret #3: Have your study timetable

A study timetable will help you organize your studies in the way that will suit you best. In your timetable, you indicate all the topics you need to cover (according to JAMB syllabuses) and allocate different times per week or days for each subject.

A personal timetable will also help you track your progress along the way: you know how far you have gone in each subject and what is left to be covered.

Also, having a timetable of your own will help you distribute your study time to each subject according to how challenging you find it. That is, there may be one subject you find more challenging than other subjects; what you want to do is allocate some extra time for that particular subject.

Finally, a study timetable can serve as a good reminder of what you need to do. Whenever you look at your timetable you know you have a very important task to accomplish.

JAMB Secret #4: Minimize cramming, and focus on understanding

"La crammer la pour" is how we describe those students who only cram and go into the exam hall to "pour" the things they have crammed into their books. But, is cramming the best way to go? No!

Cramming takes a lot of repetitive effort. Cramming is more difficult than trying to understand something so you can easily remember it later. In the beginning, cramming may seem easier as you can quickly pack a couple of things into your memory.

But, the problem is that as quickly it enters the head is as quickly it also disappears. In other words, many (usually not all) of the things you crammed will disappear within a short period. 

Hence, you need to repeat the cramming over and over again! What a waste of time.

On the other hand, when you learn to understand, the things you learn will stay so much longer in your memory.

Also, even when you forget you can easily remember because you understood the topic thoroughly when you studied it.

Have you ever been in an exam hall where you were trying to remember a particular solution but couldn't; all of a sudden a little thing popped into your brain and you were like "Aha! That is it!"

When you know it, it is easier to remember every other detail with just a little clue. But, for a student who crams and pours, if one word is missing, he is lost!

The bottom line here is this: put much more effort into trying to understand what you study. A little cramming may be necessary of course, but, always lay emphasis on understanding because that is the best way to learn.

JAMB UTME Secret #5: Study with other JAMBites

You are a bright student, and that's okay. But, you need to study with other students. Why? You can learn more or master what you already know simply by teaching others.

Also, you will surely learn a couple of things from other students. Nobody knows it all.

Even a question another student will ask you on a topic you think you have mastered can throw you off-balance.

There are many benefits of studying with other students apart from the ones mentioned above. Also, you'll have opportunities to connect with other JAMBites, stay up to date with information about JAMB, post UTME screening, schools, etc.

JAMB CBT Secret #6: Enter the JAMB exam hall in your best possible conditions

Some people are "dying minute" students. Their JAMB exam will be held the next morning and you see them "jack" all night: no sleep, no night rest. Some will be so busy that in addition to the sleepless night, they won't put something into their stomach and run to the exam venue.

I think this is wrong, dangerous and counterproductive! Part of my preparation before any exam is a good night's sleep - it is something I never like to miss.

Don't stress yourself before your exam; be in your best condition. Sleep well the night before your exam; eat the kind of food that makes you feel comfortable and "awake"; simply be okay, calm and collected. This will help you stay "together" and focused on your exam.

Additional JAMB UTME Secrets: accuracy and speed

They often say speed and accuracy but, I prefer to say accuracy before speed. Exams are usually an attempt to test your knowledge of the subjects and, you are always subjected to a limited amount of time for every exam - JAMB is no different. Hence, for you to pass the JAMB CBT exam, you need to be fast enough to answer all the questions you can answer.

However, of more importance than speed is accuracy: what benefit is it if you answer all the questions wrongly and submit 30 minutes before time? Therefore, try to maintain both speed and accuracy in every exam you sit for.

Finally, never leave any JAMB CBT questions unanswered: It is not encouraging when some JAMBites come out of the exam hall and say they didn't answer some questions; are you kidding me? JAMB CBT is an objective questions exam.

If you see that you are almost running out of time, what you have to do is select any option for the questions you don't know the answers to any questions you have not even read.

With random picking of answers like that you may get one or two correct answers correctly. Remember, 1 point/mark can make someone miss admission!

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Thanks for the tips...God will do it for all jambites????????..Success shall it be at the end????????

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