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Top 15 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC Exam

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Why Students Fail WAEC Exam

Over the years, The West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) has recorded more examinations failure than successes each year.

That is, there is a high percentage of failure than the success of candidates each year.

However, the prayer of every student is to write and pass the WAEC exam in one sitting. But why do students fail the WAEC exam?

In today's article, I will be walking you through the Top 15 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC Exam Each Year and what you should do to avoid failure in your next exam.

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Top 15 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC Exam Each Year

1. Laziness and Procrastination

"You may delay, but time will not." - Benjamin Franklin

Research shows that laziness and procrastination are one of the major causes of failure in the WAEC exam each year.

Many students are very lazy to read, study, and practice. They prefer to play, party, and have fun than to read and prepare for the exam.

The number secret to passing the WAEC exam is to read and study hard. And when they don't read and prepare for the exam, they fail.

SOLUTION: Deal with your laziness and procrastination. Read and study hard if you want to pass the exam.

2. Late Preparation

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

This is another major cause of failure in exams. Many students normally start reading a few days before the exam. They are not able to read well to cover all the syllabuses leading to failure.

Some students will start reading in rush hour. But the truth is, you can't remember what you read in rush hour. And you cannot write what you don't know. It's impossible.

SOLUTION: Start preparing for your exam now. Do not say the exam day is still far. Start preparing now!

3. Depending On Examination Malpractices And Expo

Laziness has made many students depend on examination malpractice and expo to pass the exam. Depending on examination malpractice might fail you, and the worst, if you're caught your results will be canceled by WAEC.

SOLUTION: Do not depend on examination malpractices but depend on your own ability to read and pass.

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4. Poor Standard School

If you are attending a school where the education is not solid then you're likely to fail.

Incompetent teachers, inadequate facilities, and uncovered syllabuses are other factors that make students fail exams.

SOLUTION: Attend a good standard school. If you don't know the one to attend ask for recommendations from people or do research.

5. Hiring An Agent To Write WAEC For You

Some students hire agents to write the WAEC exam for them to pass. This is writing a letter to failure.

I have witnessed a scenario where an agent comes to write a WAEC exam for a student. He was caught and arrested and that's the end of the student's exam.

SOLUTION: Never hire an agent to write an exam for you. If you're caught you will face severe punishment. You are to write the exam yourself.

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6. Failure To Work On Your Weak Subjects

If you are weak in one or two subjects and you fail to work on them you're likely to fail your WAEC exam.

Many students fail every year because they fail to work in their weak subjects before the exam. How do you expect to pass a subject you don't know very well? It's impossible!

SOLUTION: Go to a teacher or someone very good in your weak subjects and learn from him or her.

7. Having Bad Results From SSS 1 to 3

A lot of students don't know how this contributes to their failure in the WAEC exam. Here's why:

WAEC normally asks for each student's results from SSS 1 to 3 which the school you are attending must provide.

If your results from SSS 1 to 3 are bad, and you do well in your WAEC exam WAEC will assume that you cheat in the exam and they will fail you.

SOLUTION: Thrive to have good results from your SSS 1 to 3.

That is why you must be a serious student from your SSS 1 to 3 and make your you have good results because it will contribute to your success or failure in your WAEC exam.

8. Studying The Wrong Syllabus

Studying the wrong syllabus may lead to failure in your exam. That's why it is more important you open your eyes wide and study the right syllabus.

SOLUTION: Make sure you are studying the right syllabus for your exam.

NB: There are lots of fake syllabuses out there but EduPadi will update you when the right syllabus for the 2022 WAEC exam is out.

9. Bad Handwriting

Some students fail the WAEC exam because of bad handwriting. You might be very brilliant and know all the answers. But if all that you write and not readable for the examiners you will fail the exam.

SOLUTION: Work on your handwriting if it is poor or bad. Buy a writing book and start practicing now.

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10. Missing Classes And Tutorials

Some students are fond of missing classes and lectures in school. This is a very bad habit and it can contribute to your failure in exams.

SOLUTION: Always attend classes, listen carefully to lectures, and write notes.

11. Neglecting Past Questions And Answers

WAEC normally repeats questions over and over again in exams. If you're neglecting past questions you are contributing to your failure.

SOLUTION: Buy and study past questions and answers. It will greatly help you in your exam.

12. Wrong Spellings And Grammatical Errors

This is another cause of failure in exams. Wrong spelling and grammatical errors can make you fail your WAEC exam. How?

The WAEC examiners normally deduct marks for wrong spellings and grammatical errors you make in your answers.

For instance, if you're to get 50 marks you can get 28 marks for grammatical errors and wrong spellings.

SOLUTION: Work on your spelling and grammar. Always cross-check your work before submitting it to the supervisor.

13. The Mode Of Answering Questions (Theory)

The way you answer the questions, in theory, contributes to your success and failure in your exam. Some students answer questions more than required to show off that they are very brilliant.

This habit can implicate you in your exam. Answer all the questions correctly and accurately.

SOLUTION: Don't try to show off that you are very brilliant. Just answer the questions correctly and accurately.

14. Ignoring Instructions

Some students have the habit of ignoring instructions. The instructions are there to guide you in your exam. If you ignore them you're already writing a letter to failure.

SOLUTION: Follow all the instructions. They are there to guide you.

15. Time Mismanagement

Each subject has time to start and end. You're expected to finish your exam before the time end. You must learn how to manage your time as a student.

SOLUTION: Learn you manage your time. If you are a slow writer you must learn to be a fast writer.


It is sad many students fail WAEC each year. Yet, many students don't know the reasons why they fail the WAEC exam. This article has helped you identify some top reasons why students fail the WAEC exam and the solution to them.

Let us know if you find this article helpful. Do you have a question or need guidance? Drop it in the comment box.

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I tried my best reading,going my note,attending extra class after school,burning candle at night because i do sleep late to read at midnight same thing next morning before i enter the exam hall but it was a big pity i fail my waec.my mum everybody abusing me.25 thousand naira is gone already.but sir wat can cause my failure i score f9 in almost my subject expect yoruba d7 and am an art student

September 02 2023
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Thank you so much for the helping points.I will try the best I can to make my papers with good grades

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Continue to pray and put more effort on your reading technics

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