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Last Days At Forcadoes High School - JAMB Novels Past Questions and Answers - page 1


Kola was ____ (A) Ansa’s father (B) Jimi’s brother (C) Femi’s father (D) Wole’s uncle.


)”Sorry, does anyone know you’re here?” Who made the statement (A) Efua (B) Jimi (C) Caro (D) Ansa.


On his return, Wole first met (A) Jimi (B) Kemi (C) Kola (D) Femi.


Mrs. Kemi Solade died of ___ on ___ (A) Hypertension, a Sunday morning (B) Ovarian cancer, a Saturday morning (C) Hypertension, a Saturday morning (D) Ovarian cancer, a Sunday morning.

Ovarian cancer, a Saturday morning

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What was Jimi’s age during his final year at Forcados High school (A) 16 (B) 17 (C) 18 (D)19.


Risikat was ____ (A) Jimi’s housemate (B) Ansa’s girlfriend (C)Kemi’s house help (D) Nene’s younger brother.

Kemi’s house help

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The head boy at Forcados High School was ___ (A) Jolly Stephens (B) Jimi Solade (C) AnsaIzaegbegbe (D) Seyi Lawal.


The principal of St. Catherine’s school was ____ (A) Mr Mallum (B) Mr Kola (C) Mrs Obange (D) Mr Bade.


Which of these characters is fond of Jimi and called him by his full name, Akinjimi? (A) Mr mallum (B) Nene (C) Mama Silifat (D) Ansa


Moni Alli is ____(A) Funmi’s cousin (B) Nene’s Aunt (C) Efua’s step mother (D) Guidance councillor.

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