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SS2 Economics

Study Economics for SS2 class with lessons, quizzes and exam practice. Choose from available topics and learn. 1st, 2nd and 3rd term.

  1. Simple Linear Equations
  2. Measures of Dispersion
  3. Bar Charts
  4. Pie Charts
  5. Meaning of Demand And Supply
  6. Laws of Demand And Supply
  7. Factors Affecting Demand And Supply
  8. Distinguish Between Factors That Cause Shift In Demand And Supply Curves
  9. Types of Demand And Supply (With Curves)
  10. Meaning of Production Possibility Curve (PPC)
  11. Plotting The PPC From Possible Data
  12. Concept of Total, Average And Marginal Productivity
  13. Laws of Variable Proportion
  14. Basic Cost Concepts: Total, Average, Marginal, Fixed And Variable Cost
  15. Different Cost Curves
  16. Short-Run And Long-Run Costs
  17. Distinction Between Economist’s And Accountant’s View of Cost
  18. Concept of Revenue – Total, Average And Marginal Revenue
  19. Revenue Schedules And Curves
  20. Basic Features of Economic System (Capitalism, Socialism, Mixed Economy etc)
  21. Supply And Demand For Labour
  22. Wage Determination
  23. Trade Unions And Other Related Institutions
  24. Concept of Unemployment
  25. Types of Unemployment, Causes, Effects And Solutions
  26. Concept of Self employment, Job Creation And Dignity of Labour
  27. Concept of Utility – Average, Marginal And Total Utility
  28. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
  29. Determination of Equilibrium Price And Quantity
  30. Concept of Elasticity And Its Application
  31. Simple Application of Price Theory
  32. Concept And Types of Markets
  33. Review of Cost And Revenue Curves
  34. Price And Quantity Determination Under Perfect Competition
  35. Price And Quantity Determination Under Monopoly
  36. Price And Quantity Determination Under Duopoly
  37. Definition of Industrial Concept – Plant, Factory, Firm, Industry And Industrial Estate
  38. Location And Localization of Industries In Nigeria
  39. Advantage And Disadvantages of Localization of Industries
  40. Factors That Influence Location And Localization of Industries
  41. Problems of Agriculture In Nigeria
  42. Agricultural Policies In Nigeria
  43. Meaning of Fiscal Policy In Public Finance
  44. Objectives of Public Finance
  45. Revenue Allocation (Including Resource Control)
  46. Sources of Government Revenue
  47. Meaning of Balanced Budget
  48. Reasons for Balanced Budget
  49. Meaning of Surplus And Deficit Budget
  50. Ways of Financing Deficit Budget And Their Effects
  51. Meaning of National Income Concepts And Their Uses
  52. Ways of Measuring National Income And Their Limitations
  53. Uses and Limitations of National Income Estimates
  54. Trends And Structure of National Income
  55. Money Market Institutions
  56. Capital Market Institutions
  57. Other Market Agencies
  58. Functions of Capital Market Institutions
  59. How The Stock Exchange Operates
  60. Secondary And Primary Markets
  61. Determinants of Supply And Demand For Money
  62. Value of Money And The Price Level
  63. Meaning And Types of Inflation
  64. Causes & Effects of Inflation/Deflation
  65. Control of Inflation/Deflation
  66. Inflation In Nigeria