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SS2 English

Use of English lesson notes and practice questions for SS2 1st, 2nd and 3rd term.

Recommended: SS2 English lesson notes.


  1. Orals: speech work ,vocabulary and noun phrase
  2. Listening skills; pronoun; vocabulary; expository essay
  3. Speech writing; Nominalisation of adjectives
  4. Consonant Cluster; Sentences; Creative Writing; Adjectival phrases etc
  5. Narrative Essay; Summary Passage, Comprehension
  6. Vowels sounds; formal letters, adverbials,Comprehension
  7. Diphthongs ; Comprehension,
  8. Consonant cluster; Adjectives & Adverbs, Summary
  9. Speech: Unstressed Vowel; Argumentative Essay
  10. Consonant cluster; Adjectives & Adverbs ;


  1. Register : Press , Structure, Diphthongs
  2. Structure: sentence types, formal letter of complaints
  3. Rhyme scheme, Diphthongs.
  4. Structure, vocabulary Technology,
  5. Structure, Speech Work, Structure,Vocabulary
  6. Speech work, Articles, Register, Structure
  7. Structure, vocabulary Building, Comprehension


  1. Opinion deduction, Conditional clause , vocabulary development, essay writing
  2. Speech,Vocabulary Development,Essay,
  3. Speech work: Stress, Essay,Vocabulary,consonants
  4. Idioms, essay , comprehension , vocabulary development
  5. Structure, speech work
  6. Structure, speech work , comprehension
  7. Prepositional phrase, the use of dictionary, rules of concord, comprehension
  8. Speech Work;Essay Writing; Comprehension, Vocabulary Development
  9. Orals:Vowels, expository Essay, structure: Tag question
  10. Orals: Consonant sound, Concord, Summary
  11. Structure, speech work , comprehension , vocabulary