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SS3 Commerce

Commerce Questions and answers, lesson notes for SS3 students. 1st, 2nd and 3rd term.

1st term

  1. Meaning of and need for commerce protection
  2. Consumer right and consumption.
  3. Instrument/agencies for consumer protection
  4. Essential business documents
  5. Essential business documents (2)
  6. Trade terms and abbreviations
  7. Means of payments.
  8. Terms of trade/ sales through bank.
  9. Standing order and bank draft
  10. Means of payment through post office
  11. Meaning, reasons, advantages and disadvantages of commercialization
  12. Meaning, reasons, advantages and disadvantages of privatization
  13. Meaning, reasons, advantages and disadvantages of deregulation.
  14. Meaning, reasons, advantages and disadvantages of nationalization
  15. Capital markets
  16. The historical development; 1946 (development loan stock first issue) 1960; Lagos stock exchange act- 1962, capital issue committee, 1979- capital issue commission
  17. The 1979 securities and exchange commission decree no. 71. 1985; second tier securities market (SSM) 1999 investment and securities act.
  18. Stock exchange
  19. Securities; meaning, types, shares, stocks, bonds, gilt-edged and debentures.
  20. Capital market; method of raising fund, offer for sale, offer/subscription, right issue, private placement.
  21. Speculation; meaning, speculators, bull, bear and stage.
  22. Bodies that can access the capital market, public companies, government.
  23. Second tier security market, meaning, advantages to companies, advantages to the investing public.
  24. Second tier security market; operating regulation, primary and secondary market, first tier and second tier

2nd term

  1. ECOWAS, meaning, history, and member countries.
  2. Objectives, Organs, Achievements, problems of ECOWAS
  3. The history, Member countries, Objectives, and achievements, Problems of the Niger basin commission
  4. Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC): History, Member countries, Objectives
  5. Mano river basin commission: History, Member countries, Objectives.
  6. Achievements and problems of the Mano River Basin Commission (MRBC)