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3 EASY steps to fail post UTME exam

Post UTME screening exam secrets… Of course, not every JAMBite wants to pass post UTME screening exam. We have seen it in the past when many admission seekers failed post UTME exam after overcoming JAMB; not because of anything but because they carefully followed the guidelines in this post.

In this post, I want to suggest to the next like-minded set of students that will sit for post UTME screening exams of various schools in Nigeria, 5 simple steps to guarantee post UTME failure.

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How to FAIL post UTME exam

Step 1: Do not start early studying for post UTME

The Post UTME exam of your school has not even been announced. Why bother opening your book?

This is a period for you to rest, after all the readings and stress for JAMB.

So, don’t read your books. It’s too early. After all, what’s the difference between post UTME and JAMB?

Step 2: Do not study the school’s post UTME past questions

Since post UTME exam started, past questions have always proved to be useless. In fact, past questions are waste of money as it doesn’t make any sense seeing the kind of questions the school set.

I mean, why bother to know the kind of questions the school you applied for normally sets in screening exam? Worst case scenario is that you might enter the exam hall and see questions from subjects or topics you never imagined they will set. That’s when things get more interesting.

So, ignore past questions, read only your textbooks, and be proud of yourself. After all, how many admission seekers read their textbooks front and back?

3. Fail to understand steps 1 and 2

The third and final step to fail post UTME screening exam is when you fail to understand steps 1 and 2 above. Additionally, you want to make sure you don’t read the post UTME secrets via the link above.

All the best in your admission journey. Wish you success!

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