How to get post UTME past questions and answers for your school

Post UTME past and answers are great resource that will help every admission seeker pass post UTME screening exam. However, the big task for many students is the scarcity of post UTME past questions for various schools. In this post I want to give you some ideas how to get post UTME past questions for your school. So, for those looking to download post UTME past questions and answers or to get the hardcopy, this post might help you.

How to get post UTME pas questions and answers

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Alright, here are some actions you can take to get post UTME screening past questions and answers that will help you prepare for the upcoming post UTME exam.

The school community

The easiest way to get post UTME past questions is by visiting the school campus. In most cases, the book sellers and business center in all the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria usually compile the post UTME past questions and sell. The school community is the number one place you can easily get post UTME past questions of your school.

Order the post UTME past questions via waybill or courier services

For those who live at places quite far from their school of choice, travelling to the school community to look for the post JAMB past questions may be a difficult task. In that case, you can order post UTME past questions and answers from sellers in the school campus and have it shipped to your house at little cost through waybill or courier services.

This is an easy thing to do. Call your friend, relative or anyone you know that can help you and buy the post UTME past questions to get it for you. The person can simply go to a car park and give it to the driver of a bus travelling to your city. The driver will call you as soon as the vehicle arrives and can then go and pick the past questions up at the car park.

Search for post UTME past questions online

Currently, this might be a little difficult for some schools but you should try. Some schools post UTME past questions can be found online while many others are not available online yet. A little digging online and you might find where to get the screening exam past questions and answers of you school.

Good luck. I wish you admission.

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