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EduPadi Apps Help & Feedback

EduPadi JAMB CBT app.

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How to download EduPadi JAMB CBT app:

Download it here for free: download the JAMB CBT app.

How to activate the EduPadi JAMB CBT app

When prompted to activate the app, simply enter your activation code and click "Activate App".

How to get my app key

To to get your App Key: EduPadi JAMB CBT app From the drawer menu on the left, click Activate App to see your app key. Alternatively, if your app is not activated, you will be prompted (in the JAMB CBT app) to activate it. Just click activate to see your app key.


You may provide feedback about our JAMB CBT app. But first, a big thank you for installing the EduPadi JAMB CBT app. We would appreciate feedback from you regarding the app. Please use the comment box below.

Report an error

To report a problem, please describe what you were trying to do before the app had a problem or crashed, using the comment box below. You can as well send the developer screenshots of where the app crashed or had any issue at WhatsApp via the phone number below:
  • Developer phone number:
The feedback can be to report an error or suggest something about the app. For example
  • the app crashed
  • certain features not working properly
  • other issues

Make suggestions

Suggest improvements for the EduPadi JAMB CBT app using the comment box below:
  • what features should be removed
  • what features should be added
  • what should be improved on
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Please I need a lil help... I activated this app on 16 October 2018...time 15:31 but I can't make use of the app cus it keeps telling me to activate it but when I copy my activation code and paste,it will still say invalid pls help me out

October 31 2018
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