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Install JAMB CBT App 2024 (Past Questions & Answers and Lesson Notes)

EduPadi JAMB CBT app is a highly effective study and practice app for JAMB candidates who are determined to score high in their JAMB exam and gain admission on merit.

EduPadi App
EduPadi App

Install the EduPadi JAMB app

The app is available for free download. Simply install the EduPadi JAMB CBT and Past Questions App from the Google Play Store.

EduPadi App

Features of EduPadi JAMB CBT app

  • JAMB novel questions and answers
  • Contains thousands of real JAMB questions and answers, and solutions
  • Practice one or more of your four JAMB subjects at once.
  • See answers and solutions to the questions.
  • Detailed quiz summary, highlighting your performances.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • The timer helps you keep track of your speed and know if you can beat JAMB exam time.
  • Choose the number of questions you want.
  • Choose the past question year.
  • Adjust quiz time as you wish.
  • Choose to automatically submit a quiz (when quiz time elapses) or not.
  • Choose whether to randomize the questions
  • Many years of JAMB past questions.

Study JAMB past questions online for free at EduPadi Classroom.

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  2. Does this really help, you know in this our country its hard to trust people o, this is money we’re talking about. I hope my 1k will not be waist?

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    1. Please scroll up and read how to get the activation code. Basically, all you have to do is pay for the activation code, send me your app key and name that made payment and I will send you the activation code

    2. 2019 questions have been updated according to the email I received from my school, but, it is not reflecting on this app even option for update is not showing on play store

    1. Information on how to get the activation code is provided in this post. But, you can contact me if you need more details: 07033696631 (WhatsApp, SMS, Call)

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