Install JAMB CBT practice app 2021 (works offline)

EduNgr JAMB CBT app – the most effective JAMB app for a candidate who is determined to score high in their UTME exam and gain admission on merit. See guidelines below!



For the new version:




An automated way to activate EduNgr JAMB app

If your app is not already activated, go to the main app menu (drawer menu on the left), click “Activate App”

You will be taken to the activation screen of the app where you can pay and activate the app using your ATM/Credit card.

How to activate EduNgr JAMB app

Upon payment, your app will be activated automatically

If you prefer to activate your app manually, follow the steps below…

Manual way to activate EduNgr CBT JAMB app

It is now very easy to activate EduNgr JAMB CBT app. All you have to do to activate the app after you’ve installed it is:

1. Pay for the app activation

Pay or transfer ₦1,000 ONLY to ANY of these bank accounts:


  • Bank Name: First Bank
  • Account number: 3108022204
  • Account name: Anakor Arinze Raphael
  • Account type: Savings Account


  • Bank Name: Access Bank
  • Account number: 0731262551
  • Account name: Anakor Arinze Raphael
  • Account type: Savings Account

2. Send me your app ID:

After you’ve paid, simply open the app and go to the activation screen to copy/send your app ID along with the name of the person that made the payment to EduNgr: 07033696631 via WhatsApp or SMS:


On the activation screen, you will see your app ID. Click on your app ID and you will get a pop-up asking you if you would like to copy or send the ID to someone:

JAMB App Activation step 2
JAMB App Activation step 2

The goal here is to send me the app ID. So, you can click “Copy” and the app ID will be automatically copied or click “Send” and the app will ask you to choose where you want to send it to. You can send me the app ID via WhatsApp or 07033696631 (07033696631)

3. Activate your app

JAMB App Activation step 3

Once you have paid and sent me your app ID, I will activate the app for you. Then all you have to do is go to the app activation screen and tap the button that says “Activate App” and the app will be activated!

Install EduNgr JAMB app

» Click this button to install Edungr JAMB CBT & Post-UTME app:

Features of EduNgr JAMB CBT app

It has thousands of JAMB past questions and answers. Install and prepare for JAMB CBT exam without an Internet connection from anywhere you are. See link to install the app from Google Play Store above.

  • Use completely offline: no Internet connection required!
  • JAMB novel questions and answers
  • JAMB syllabus
  • JAMB Brochure
  • Post UTME updates
  • Contains thousands of real JAMB questions and answers, and solutions
  • Practice one or more or your four JAMB subjects at once.
  • See answers and solutions to the questions.
  • Detailed quiz summary, highlighting your performances.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • The timer helps you keep track of your speed and know if you can beat JAMB exam time.
  • Choose the number of questions you want.
  • Choose the past question year.
  • Adjust quiz time as you wish.
  • Choose to automatically submit quiz (when quiz time elapses) or not.
  • Choose whether to randomize the questions
  • Activate only once.
  • Many years of JAMB past questions.
  • Straight-to-the-task app!
  • etc.

JAMB CBT App (screenshots)

See some more screenshots of the JAMB CBT app that lets you Select quiz options, the number of questions, jump to any question, keep track of questions you’ve answered and ones you haven’t, view quiz summary, see the solution to the questions and much more.


Terms and Conditions

For this app, each activation is valid for the specific app ID (or instance of this app) that is associated with it.

The implication of this include:

If the user installs this app and purchases activation for it, and later on the app is removed or deleted or similar action is performed which invalidates the activation (examples include changed app ID, a different copy of the app, etc.), the user is NOT entitled to a free activation.

Deleting this app data, uninstalling/deleting the app, formatting your device, or similar actions will invalidate the current activation (that is if you have already activated the app). In such a case, the user is NOT entitled to a free activation.

Every activation has to be purchased.

Once your app is activated, THIS APP WILL NOT ASK YOU TO ACTIVATE IT AGAIN unless any of the situations above which can invalidate the activation occurs.

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    1. Information on how to get the activation code is provided in this post. But, you can contact me if you need more details: 07033696631 (WhatsApp, SMS, Call)

    1. Please scroll up and read how to get the activation code. Basically, all you have to do is pay for the activation code, send me your app key and name that made payment and I will send you the activation code

    2. 2019 questions have been updated according to the email I received from my school, but, it is not reflecting on this app even option for update is not showing on play store

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