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How to print original JAMB result

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You can print your original JAMB results from the official website of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. This post will show you how to do it easily.

Why you need your original JAMB result

Some institutions or schools require original JAMB results as one of the documents those offered admissions must present during clearance. Also, some other programs like scholarships or training might require such a document.

Check this out:

Hence, it won't be a bad idea to have a copy of it. To print your original results, please follow the steps below.

Steps to print Original UTME Result Slip (2019 update)

1. Visit JAMB e-facility and login to your Jamb Account at Jamb.org.ng/efacility

Note: Do not login with another person's account unless you are printing for that person.

2. Under the list of services, click on the "Print Result Slip"

3. On the next page that appears, click "continue with payment" to make payment via Remita or other options available

4. If the payment is successful, your JAMB Original result slip will be displayed and you can proceed to print it immediately. It will equally be sent to your email address in case you prefer to print it later.

However, if you have issues doing it yourself, we advise you to proceed to the closest Accredited center to do so.

1. The cost for the printing of the JAMB Original Result Slip is One Thousand Naira (N 1000).

2. The JAMB Original Result Slip must bear your passport photograph on it.

How to print original UTME result (previous update)

Step 1: Get JAMB e-Facility card

The first step is to purchase JAMB E-facility Card (scratch card) at a cost of One Thousand Naira (₦1000).

To purchase the E-Facility card ("scratch card") for JAMB Original result: You are advised to purchase the scratch card from any JAMB accredited vendors or Jamb office of your choice

Also, note that the card costs ₦1,000 at JAMB office whereas some accredited vendors might sell it at ₦ 1,500 to you.

Step 2: Print and save your result

Now that you have purchased the JAMB Original Result scratch card for printing original JAMB result

  1. Visit JAMB original result printing portal with a computer. This is the portal: http://jamb.org.ng/postregistrationefacility/ValidatePIN
  2. On the webpage that opens (in step 2), enter your JAMB e-facility scratch card PIN and Serial Number (from the card you purchased in step 1) for the printing of the original JAMB result.
  3. Enter your Jamb Registration Number.
  4. Click on the “Submit” and, you can now print out your original JAMB result.

How to secure the result slip

Save a copy of your Original JAMB Result (and your other documents) in your email or DropBox or Google Drive or wherever safe and secure... so you can always go there and reprint it out anytime you want to.

Also, having a soft copy of your documents will save you the money for scanning new copies of such document whenever you are required to send a scanned copy of it.

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when are they going to release jamb original result?

April 10 2018
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Print original JAMB result from JAMB website. I don't think it has a special release date

April 11 2018