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JAMB vs Post UTME, Which One is Tougher?

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JAMB and Post UTME are part of the most registered examinations in Nigeria.

Why? Because each year, millions of Nigerian students process admissions into higher institutions.

These two exams are crucial to any student who wants to process admission into a higher institution.

Meanwhile, many students writing both exams for the first time want to know which of the exams is tougher.

Which of them is tougher? This article will reveal that soon.

However, you should know what JAMB and UTME are and their differences.

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What Is JAMB?

JAMB stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. 

The JAMB is an independent body in Nigeria that governs and controls the admission process into all higher institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, and College of Education). 

What Is Post UTME?

Post UTME stands for Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam.

It is an exam conducted by higher institutions in Nigeria to filter out qualified and unqualified students. 

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Difference Between JAMB And Post UTME

Here is the difference between JAMB and Post UTME exams in Nigeria:

  1. JAMB is conducted by an independent body, while Post UTME is conducted by the school you choose. 
  2. JAMB is compulsory for all students processing admission, while the other is compulsory for students whose school is conducting the exam.
  3. JAMB is strictly a CBT exam, while the other can be in any form depending on the school.
  4. 5 Credits in O-Level results are required for eligibility in JAMB, while a specific JAMB score is required for eligibility in Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam.

Which One Is Tougher? JAMB or Post UTME

JAMB and Post UTME exams are not difficult, but many students believe Post UTME is more difficult than the JAMB exam.

And I will agree to that with three (3) valid reasons. 

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1. Structure

Talking about structure, JAMB is more structured. It has a standard to set its questions, including the syllabus and brochure. 

However, Post UTME has no unique standard and syllabus, which makes it more difficult than the JAMB exam. 

2. Availability

Many tutorial centres in the country teach students external exams like WAEC, NECO, JAMB, and NABTEB.

Unlike JAMB, you will hardly find tutors or tutoring centres preparing students for the post-UTME exam. 

On this note, it is easier to pass the former than the latter. 

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3. Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, you will agree with me that JAMB's past questions and answers are more accessible than Post UTME's past questions.

For this reason, Post UTME is tougher than the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board exam.


Both exams are not difficult to pass if you prepare well for them. 

Most of the time, exams are always difficult for many students because they don't read and study for the exam. 

So, always read, study, and prepare well for examinations, and you will pass without struggle. 

I hope you find this article helpful and help you make better decisions in your academic career. Remember to share the article with your friends.

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