Simple math but can you solve it? Quadratic challenge!

Quadratic equation question is one of the most common questions to expect in O-Level, JAMB and Post-UTME.

So, if you know how to solve quadratic, it is like saying you’ve already answered at least one math question in the exams mentioned above.

Today, let’s see who still remembers how to solve the quadratic equations!

Solve and post your answer in the comment box below! Here is the challenge:

quadratic equation challenge

Solve 5x2 + 6x + 1 = 0

Let’s go!

13 thoughts on “Simple math but can you solve it? Quadratic challenge!”

    1. Apariola timileyin thona

      My name is timileyin am 14 years of age quadratic equation is one of the best and compulsory topic in mathematics
      The answer

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