NECO 2021 WhatsApp Group chat link

WhatsApp Group link for NECO students: Join 2021 NECO WhatsApp Group chat and chat with other NECO students. Before you join the NECO WhatsApp Group, please make sure you read the Group rules below, especially for NECO runs and NECO expo guys.

The NECO WhatsApp Group link is for all NECO students, both art students and science student. You are free to chat, get information, make friends, etc.

Why you should join the NECO WhatsApp Group

  1. Opportunity to get the latest information about NECO exam

  2. Solve NECO past questions with other students

  3. Get information about exam schedules, times, etc.

  4. Make friends with other students.

  5. Etc.

Rules governing the WhatsApp Group for NECO students

  1. Do not post any form of irrelevant content to the Group
  2. Do not spam the Group
  3. No form of abuse, whether against the Group as a whole or against any Group members
  4. Participate to continue making the Group lively
  5. Behave properly

How to join NECO WhatsApp Group chat

Please click on this NECO WhatsApp Group link to join: NECO WhatsApp Group Link

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