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7 Secrets To Pass Your Exams With Less Reading

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Reading is a challenge for some students. Many students, especially those who don't like to read, will gladly protest examinations to be taken out of the school curriculum if they had the power to do so.

Reading to pass examinations requires sacrifices, hard work, and commitment.

However, it is possible to pass school examinations with less reading. The idea is to maximize other learning activities which will lessen how much effort you need to put into further readings.

In this post, I want to share with you how you can maximize those other learning activities so you can read less.

SECRET NO 1: Always Be Punctual In Class

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”– Ralph Marston

One of your greatest secret weapons to pass school examinations without reading is your punctuality in class. And yes, punctuality isn't a skill but an attitude.

You have to be taught first before you can fully understand any subject. This is why your punctuality isn't enough but paying full attention in class and learning in detail.

One of the best ways to learn faster as a student is to ask questions in class even when you feel you don't have any questions. This will help you in your exams because you will easily recall the event and the answers to your questions back then.

Your punctuality in class, paying attention, and asking questions will help you pass school examinations without reading.

SECRET NO 2: Always Learn To Understand, Not Memorize

One of the reasons why a lot of students fail school examinations is because they always learn to memorize and not understand.

About 80% of students memorize what they are being taught in class and they struggle hard to remember when writing examinations.

If you're one of those who want to pass school examinations without reading then you need to start learning to understand and not memorize.

Why? Because anytime your memory may fail you but what you understand will always remain in your head.

Memorizing won't take you far but understanding will make you pass school examinations even without reading.

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SECRET NO 3: Record All The Lectures In Class

This is a powerful way to pass school examinations without reading that many students are yet to discover.

This simple secret will make you become confident and always ready for any school examination.

How? Get a recorder, or maybe your phone or any means to record all your teachers' or lecturers' teachings and lectures in the class.

Listen to those recorded lectures over and over again as you listen to music. You will easily understand and remember what you're being taught when writing school examinations.

SECRET NO 4: Study The Past Questions Of Your Teachers

As a student who wants to pass school examinations without reading you must be ready to do what others are not doing.

Find a means to get your teachers 4-5 past questions, check the topics that come out every year. Check the styles and methods they use to set their questions, marking guides, and instructions.

Study, master, and understand the topics that come out every year. Study their questions setting styles and methods, marking guides, and instructions. This will help you prepare and know what you expect in your examinations.

When your examinations finally come, by the time others are reading and having sleepless nights you will always know what to expect and how to answer the questions.

SECRET NO 5: Always Do Your Assignments And Take Corrections

Many students take assignments and homework with levity. Sometimes maybe the assignments are difficult, they don't know them, or require some researches to get the right answers.

This shouldn't be you if you want to pass your school examinations without reading. And you need to realize assignments and homework are part of your learning.

Take assignments and homework seriously, do them, study them, and always make corrections when you don't get them right.

Some teachers set their examination questions from assignments and homework given to you. That's why you need to study them as well.

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SECRET NO 6: Join Online Educative Discussion Groups And Forums

There are lots of online educative discussion groups and forums you can join as a student. This will be a great advantage for you.

You are bound to learn new topics from other people apart from your school teachers. This is will give you an edge over your colleagues in class.

You may even get answers to the questions that have not been taught in class but are likely to come out in your examinations.

You can go to Facebook, search for these groups and join them while you can find forums on with a simple Google search.

SECRET NO 7: Study Your Mode Of Learning

Many students struggle in school because they are yet to discover their mode of learning.

Your mode of learning as a student contributes to your academic growth and success.

Every student is unique and has different modes of learning things. Some students read and understand at midnight while many prefer morning or afternoon. There are some students who prefer group learning to individual learning. Some students can learn in a noisy place without getting distracted and some can only learn in a very silent place.

It is your responsibility as a student to discover your unique way of learning things because this is going to help you in your academic performances and of course help you in passing your school examinations easily.


It is very possible to pass your school examinations by maximizing other learning activities and minimizing reading. Also, rushing to read when examinations are already at hand might cause failure. Having sleepless nights might cause health problems and low performance in examinations.

As a student, you don't have to read all day and night every time you have examinations. Follow the secrets shared in this post so you can prepare ahead of time and perform excellently in your school examinations.

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