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Top 22 WAEC Frequently Asked Questions You Need To Know

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WAEC Top Frequently Asked Questions

In today's article, I will be talking about the Top 22 WAEC Frequently Asked Questions You Need To Know.

This is going to be eye-opening for you especially if you have some important questions bothering you about the WAEC exam.

But before I provide answers to all these frequently asked questions, let's quickly check the 12 Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your WAEC Examination Day

12 Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your WAEC Examination Day

WAEC Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

Studying hard and good preparation for the 2022 WAEC exam is crucial but not enough for you to pass the exam in one sitting. There are some important things you must do in other to pass when writing your exam.

However, I have listed some important guides you need to follow.

1. Never forget to always take your Identification card with you to the examination hall.

Some students are too forgetful to the extent they forget their ID card at home or even lose it.

The supervisor will always mark your attendance that you are present to write the exam. If you forget or lost it you won't be allowed to write the exam.

2. Never forget to always write your name and exam number for all the subjects. Not doing so might lead to failure.
3. Always be punctual. Be early to the examination hall as possible as you can because there might be important information want to pass across to you.
4. If you are a school candidate, do ensure to pay all your school fees and other necessary fees.

I have seen WAEC candidates who are sent home while they are writing exams because they own school fees. You don't want this to be your case.

5. Always remember to read questions carefully before you answer. Make sure you understand the questions and give the right answers and follow all instructions.

Some students fail because of their inability to understand the questions before they answer.

6. Do ensure you answer WAEC compulsory questions.

Sometimes, WAEC will ask you to answer some compulsory questions especially and Mathematics and English Language. If you fail to do these compulsory questions your score will be deducted automatically.

7. Always keep your writing materials intact before coming to the exam hall.

BONUS TIP: Always have extra writing materials with you like a pen, pencil, and eraser. Because you might misplace them or even get stolen. Take good note of this important tip.

8. Avoid getting involved in examination malpractice. If you're caught that will be the end of your exam.

Examination malpractice is the major reason why some results are withheld or canceled by WAEC.

9. Avoid shortening of words in your exam.

Some students are fond of shortening words especially when they are on social media and this has become their habit. Do not make this stupid mistake in your exam. If you do, you are already writing a letter to failure.

10. Avoid talking or reporting any complaints to your friends or colleagues. If you have any complaints call the supervisor or the teachers who are with you in the exam hall.
11. Always be time conscious. Make sure to answer the questions as fast as you can. The supervisor won't give you any extra time.
12. Always remember to make your work neat and clear and proofread (cross-check) them before submitting.

If you adhere and follow all these powerful tips you are on the path to success in your 2022 WAEC exam.

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Top 22 WAEC Frequently Asked Questions That You Need To Know

1. How many subjects do I write in WAEC?

Candidates are required to write a minimum of eight (8) subjects and a maximum of nine (9) subjects with WAEC compulsory general subjects. Anything different from this will not be accepted.

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2. Who are those qualified to sit for the WASSCE?

For the school candidate's examination, a candidate must be in the final class (SSS 3) in a recognized school to be able to qualify to write the WASSCE exam.

For private candidate's examination, any of the following categories can write WASSCE:

A. Those who have attempted the WASSCE in previous years.
B. Those who have attempted the GCE and obtained a pass in at least three subjects.
C. Those who have passed the Teachers’ Grade two examination.

3. How does WAEC set its questions?

The structure of WAEC questions is in two (2) forms: Objective and Theory. Just like your school examination where you are expected to write objectives and theory.

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4. How many questions do I answer in Waec?

In objectives, you are required to answer 60 compulsory questions and sometimes 50 compulsory questions.

In theory, you are required to answer at least 3-5 questions.

For Mathematics and English Language, you're required to answer 8-10 questions.

5. Does WAEC punish candidates for examination malpractice?

Yes, if any candidate is caught cheating in the exam he or she will be punished for examination malpractice. Leading to cancellation or withholding of the result.

6. What are the recommended textbooks and novels for the 2022 WAEC exam?

Essential Textbooks are one of them and the most recommended for all subjects.

For Literature: Exam Focus or Apex Grade is recommended.

For Literature Novels From 2021 - 2025

African Drama

(1) Let me Die Alone by John K. Kargbo

(2) The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka

Non-African Drama

(1) Look Back in Anger by John Osborne

(2) Fences by August Wilson

William Shakespeare Book: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

African Prose

(1) Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta

(2) Unexpected Joy at Dawn by Alex Agyei-Agyiri (2018 edition)

Non-African Prose

(1) Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

(2) Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

African Poetry

(1) “Black Woman” by Leopold Sedar Senghor

(2) “The Leader and the Led” by Niyi Osundare

(3) “The Grieved Lands” by Agostinho Neto

(4) “The Song of the Women of my Land” by Oumar Farouk Sesay

(5) “Raider of the Treasure Trove” by Lade Wosornu

(6) “A Government Driver on his Retirement” by Onu Chibuike

Non-African Poetry

(1) “The Good-Morrow” by John Donne

(2) “Caged Bird” by Maya Angelou

(3) “The Journey of the Magi” by T. S. Eliot

(4) “Do not Go Gentle into the Good Night” by Dylan Thomas

(5) “Binsey Poplars (Felled 1879)” by G.M. Hopkins

(6) “Bat” by David H. Lawrence

7. Why are some WAEC results canceled?.

Some WAEC results are canceled when the candidates are found guilty of examination malpractice and other examination offenses.

8. Does WAEC prepare candidates for its examinations?

WAEC does not prepare any candidate whether a school candidate or private candidate for its examinations. They are not responsible for any preparation, learning, and lectures for any candidate.

For school candidates, the school you want to write the exam is responsible for your preparations, learning, lectures, and all.

For private candidates, you are required to go to a learning center for your preparations and lectures.

9. Who are the examiners and how are they appointed?

WAEC examiners are mostly graduate secondary school teachers, lecturers in universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

A qualified examiner must be a graduate and expert in the subject he or she is appointed to mark. Moreover, an examiner must have enough experience and just be recommended by the principal of the school where he or she teaches.

10. Can I combine two WAEC results to gain admission?

Yes, you can combine two WAEC results to gain admission into a university.

NB: Some universities in Nigeria don't accept a combination of results.

11. How does WAEC ensure standardization in grading candidates?

WAEC is very diligent in grading candidates.

First, a committee of experts draws up a marking guide. All appointed examiners are then thoroughly drilled in all aspects of the marking scheme in a simulated marking exercise called coordination.

Actual marking does not start until the coordinating officers are satisfied that all examiners know what is required of them.

Even when actual marking begins, the examiners are not left entirely on their own. They are organized into small groups, each being supervised by a highly experienced examiner called a Team Leader.

The Team Leader checks and vets the group members’ marking progressively to ensure that they are keeping to the guidelines.

The Team Leaders themselves are supervised by more experienced examiners called Chief Examiners.

When marking is finally completed, WAEC still goes ahead to employ another group of people called Checkers.

The main role of Checkers is to ensure that all marks awarded by examiners are correctly recorded and transferred to the appropriate score sheets.

12. What is the required grade to get admitted into any University?

You must have at least credits in your five (5) core subjects to gain admission into any university including Mathematics and English Language.

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13. How long does it take WAEC results to be out?

WAEC results normally take 60-90 days to be out after the completion of the overall exam.

14. Do WAEC results expire?

No, WAEC results do not expire like JAMB.

15. What is the official lifespan of WAEC Certificates?

WAEC certificates do not have an expiry date. Once you have it, you can use it for a lifetime.

16. How can a candidate get errors on his/her certificates corrected?

For school candidates, the principal of the school where you write your exam is responsible to get any error on your certificate corrected. He/she will be the one to contact WAEC on your behalf.

For private candidates, you are required to contact WAEC directly to get any error on your certificate corrected.

NB: You are expected to take your original WAEC certificate with you for any amendment on your certificate. Also, WAEC will charge you a fee if the mistake (error) is from you but if the mistake (error) is from WAEC, it will be for free.

17. How long does it take for WAEC original certificate to be available?

It takes up to 90 days after the WAEC results are released for the original certificate to be available.

18. How does a candidate collect his/her certificate?

School candidates are to collect their certificate from the school they write the exam.

Private candidates are to obtain their certificates from WAEC directly.

19. Does WAEC replace lost certificates?

No, WAEC does not replace certificates. Instead, it issues statements of results to the owners of lost certificates or, when necessary, confirms their results for a fee.

20. Can I use my WAEC result abroad?

Yes, you can use your WAEC results to gain admission into a university in a foreign country.

21. Where is WAEC headquarter located in Nigeria?

WAEC Nigeria National Office: 21, Hussey Street, Yaba. Private Mail Bag 1022, Yaba, Lagos.

22. How can I contact WAEC?

You can contact WAEC with this info.
Or better still, you can go to their website.

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.waecnigeria.org

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