WAEC Past Questions and Answers (PDF) Free Download

WAEC Past Questions and Answers are available here, in PDF format. You can download the WACE past questions for all available subjects. See the list of available subjects for the WAEC Past Papers and how to download them.

We have WAEC Past Questions and Answers for all the most popular WAEC subjects. Most of the WAEC past papers start from the most recent WAEC exam, down to a couple of years back.

So, you will have the material that will help you study many WAEC past questions and the answers to the questions as well. To download the Past questions (PDF), see below.

Recommended for WAEC students: Study our more complete WAEC Past Questions and Answers for FREE.

But if you don’t want that, download the free limited PDF versions below.

Download WAEC Past Questions and Answers [PDF]

Study all WAEC past questions

You can also study all our WAEC Past Questions and Answers for different subjects for FREE. The link takes you to more Past Questions and Answers on WAEC for all available subjects and different years of the past questions.

All the best!

86 thoughts on “WAEC Past Questions and Answers (PDF) Free Download”

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      1. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but all this is just a camouflage. I’ve personally send two days searching these so-called sites that could actually provide fully packed PDF of waec passco questions and answers.

        And guess what, I found only a few. More like three – five years questions with no answers attach to them.

        The rest is garbage.

        And not to mention, majority of these so-called free PDF download only preach about that and provide you with nothing. Not even a link to a PDF file for you to download.

        I think they’re just doing it in order to show ads to people and nothing else.

        To anyone reading this; don’t contact anyone for anything or leave your email address behind. Only God knows what awaits you at the end of the tunnel.

        If you still want to go for it then that’s your decision not mine.

        Yeah, it might be hard. But I suggest that the best thing is to buy the past questions yourself at a book shop or try finding an online store and buy the books from them.

        All I can say is; nothing is free. It might look free but it definitely not. And all this has been nothing but a waste of both my data and time.

        Why can’t they give the pass questions without joining a WhatsApp group?
        And with the volume of the PDF on each subject, how is it possible to sent us all the pass questions and answers we need?

        I really thought that I could save money and not spend anything on buying books. And all this free PDF download would help me. All I found is disappointment.

        Just save yourselves.

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  3. Good day all, I’m so please to leave my comments here. Please can I get past questions and answer sent to my email address? @ [email protected]
    Lit in English

  4. I need waec past questions and answers (2017 to 2021) for the under listed subjects:
    These are the subjects:
    *Civic education
    *Food and Nutrition

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  6. Alhassan kpanalana

    your material will be very helpful for our mock exams. we are a deprived private SHS, with limited resources but are placed to help uplift lives of youth in a rural community. thanks.

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