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Coal City University Courses And Admission Requirements

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Coal City University
Coal City University

There are over a hundred courses available for students in Nigerian universities. 

As a student, you can study any course of your choice, but your eligibility to study any course depends on your O-Level results and JAMB score. 

Meanwhile, before you study a course at a university, it is necessary to know what the course is all about.  

Some are O-Level requirements, UTME requirements, course potential, and career opportunities. 

However, it is paramount that you know if the school you want to attend offers the course you want to study. 

And if you want to attend CCU, this article will give you the list of Coal City University courses and admission requirements. 

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List of Coal City University Courses

Faculty Of Natural & Applied Sciences

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

  1. Computer Science
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Statistics

Chemical Sciences Department

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Chemistry

Biological Sciences Department

  1. Biology
  2. Microbiology

Faculty of Arts, Social & Management Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

  1. Criminology & Security
  2. Economics
  3. International Relations
  4. Mass Communication
  5. Political Science
  6. Psychology
  7. Public Administration
  8. Sociology

Management Sciences Department

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Marketing
  4. Taxation

Department of Humanities

  1. English & Literary Studies
  2. History & Diplomatic Studies

Faculty Of Education

Department of Science Education

  1. Education Biology
  2. Education Chemistry
  3. Education Computer Science
  4. Education Mathematics
  5. Education Physics
  6. Education & Integrated Science

Education Foundations Department

  1. Early Childhood Care Education
  2. Educational Management
  3. Education Economics
  4. Guidance and Counselling
  5. Primary Education
  6. Social Studies

Art & Social Science Education Department

  1. Education English
  2. Education History
  3. Education Political Science
  4. Education Religious Studies

Department of Vocational & Technical Education

  1. Business Education

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Coal City University Admission Requirements For All Students

You can gain admission into CCU through UTME Entry or Direct Entry. And you can choose the one that fits you best. 

CCU Admission Requirements Through UTME Entry

1. Candidates must have reached the age of 16.

2. Candidates must have at least 6 (six) “Cs (Credits)” grades in their O’level result (s). 

That must include English Language, Mathematics and three other subjects related to their course of study. 

For instance, a Candidate that wants to study law must have a “C” in English Language, Mathematics, Government/History, Economics and Literature in English.

3. Candidates must score at least 160 in the JAMB UTME examination.

4. Candidates must take the CCU post UTME screening examination and perform well.

5. Not more than ONE sitting result is accepted for admission into the Coal City University (CCU). 

6. Candidates must choose the correct subject combination for their courses.

7. Lastly, candidates must meet the stipulated cutoff marks for their courses to gain admission into the university.

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CCU Admission Requirements Through Direct Entry

1. Candidates must possess at least five (5) Credits in their O’level result. 

That must include English Language and Mathematics. However, no more two sitting result is not allowed.

2. Candidates must have also reached the age of 16.

3. Candidates are expected to get the JAMB Directly entry form from JAMB to apply.

4. Candidates should have one of the following certificates: OND, ND, NCE, IJMB, Cambridge A level, BSc, HND, and ICAN.

Nevertheless, if you can meet all CCU admission requirements for the course you want to study, starting from O-Level results, JAMB score, Post UTME examination, and others, you should be able to gain admission with ease.  

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