How to balance your academics with your social life in school

There is this impression that has long been believed, that first-class students focus solely on their books and passing examinations while they are entirely useless in other spheres of life in school. Today, many people have imbibed this idea, they believe that to be successful at school, you have to be studious and socially redundant and vice versa.

Striking the right balance between your academics and social life is one of the most challenging aspects of studying in higher institutions. Managing your time properly allows you to get the most out of your studying, entirely focusing on your studies when it is essential, while also taking time out to recharge and refresh with friends. Balancing work and leisure is an invaluable skill that you will appreciate long after school.

Below are some of the tips to guide you to a successful and enjoyable year at school:

Manage your time properly

The key to balancing your academics with your social life is your time management skills. Time management skill is a valuable skill that you will need. In fact, most of the tips will be bordering on time management.

The same way you manage your food, rent, clothing, etc. is the same way you manage your time. Managing your time will help you plan your day, planning your day will help you find time for your studies and social activities. You might even realize that you have more free time for your leisure than you thought. 

Keep in mind that your time has to be flexible. You do not have any guarantee that your homework will take exactly 6 hours, or you will spend exactly 4 hours hanging out with your friends without adding any extra time.

Have fun!

Don’t make your life in school all about book. Create time for fun too. Make friends, attend events that interest you, play your favourite game. Don’t be too hard on yourself with books 24/7. But then, use your sense so you don’t spend too much time having fun!

Set realistic goals

For you to balance your academic life with your leisure time, you need to set goals. Goals will give your academic and social life directions, purpose, and destination. This will immensely help you set your priorities straight and control how you spend your time throughout the year. For example, one goal could be to finish all your home works for the week on or before 5 pm every Saturday, another could be making just 2 friends in the whole semester, another could be to finish and summarize all your reading two weeks before the commencement of the examinations, etc.

Resist temptations

This is also very important. You have to be able to stand by your words, to say NO when necessary because there will be times when friends might decide to want you around, when actually it is your study time, or wanting you to hang out when you have exams the next day. Try as much as possible to resist temptations of those forms. 

Also, resist the temptations of distractions when learning. Temptations like logging in on social media to check updates are quite common, seeing a part of a movie, too. These temptations will take away your focus during your time and you might not be able to cover as much as you might want to.

Use the library or isolated places

Hostel rooms can be very distracting. Those living off-campus can have neighbors who play loud music to distract them or incessant knocks to ask for help or something all the time. It is usually best to visit the library or quiet isolated places where your mind will keen and at full focus mode. This will help you make maximum use of your reading and getting a lot of work done.

Take good care of your health

You will be able to make the most of your time if you are healthy and energized. This involves getting enough sleep (at least 7- 9 hours per night), exercising, eating healthy, etc. Staying healthy will ensure that you achieve your goals and keep the balance between your academic and social life.

Always remember why you were in school in the first place

Keep in mind the reasons why you are in school always, this will help you return to your original goals and purpose whenever you find yourself derailing from the right track.

Join helpful groups/clubs

While school, you will come to realize a lot of clubs or groups. You are not required to join every club, you need to pick only a few that their goals align with yours while in school. For example, you might want to join one religious group if you are a religious person, you can always join learning clubs, etc. This will help foster your learning and help you meet like minds.

In conclusion, always remember that for you to strike a balance between your social and academic life, that time management skills, discipline, and staying healthy are the key ingredients. Remember that time management skills will be of immense help to you even after school.

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