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How to win scholarships in Nigeria (abroad and local)

Discover how to successfully secure scholarships for studies in Nigeria or abroad. Many Nigerian students need a scholarship for various reasons. For most students, it is money related as it saves them the cost of school fees, for many others, scholarship offers them an easy opportunity to study abroad.

For whatever reasons you need a scholarship, this post will give you great tips on how to earn international scholarships in Nigeria.

How to earn scholarship awards in Nigeria

1. Start early searching for scholarships

Many students don’t get scholarships the moment they start searching for it. This is why it is important you start looking for scholarships opportunities available as soon as possible.

For example, of you’re a secondary school student with the hope of studying abroad, you don’t have to wait until after your O’level before you start looking for scholarships to study abroad.

Start early and you might get that opportunity early.

2. Apply for multiple scholarships

Many other students are looking for scholarships, just like you. This is why you don’t have to hope on one or two scholarships.

Apply for as much scholarship opportunities as you can.

By the way, you can earn multiple scholarships. So, don’t limit your chances.

3. Consider smaller scholarships with less completion

Many big scholarships have stiff competition. For example, those scholarships sponsored by oil and gas companies and other multinationals usually have several thousands of students applying for few opportunities.

But there are many other smaller scholarships opportunities out there. They may not pay as much as big ones will, but when you win 2 or 3 smaller scholarships, they will add up to something big.

4. Search for scholarships

Many students only hear about scholarship opportunities from their friends or classmates.

But the Internet is there for you to use and discover the latest scholarship opportunities.

Most scholarships are published online, and applications are usually submitted online as well.

5. Prepare very well for the scholarship exam

When you don’t prepare for the scholarship exam or interview, you greatly limit your chances of being awarded the scholarship.

So, you need to start early preparing for the scholarship exam.

Find out the kind of questions to expect, know about the organization, see if there air available scholarship past questions of the organization.

The bottom line is you need to prepare well for the exam.

6. Have a good profile

Please do not apply for scholarships with emails like [email protected] or [email protected]. Use professional e-mail address such as [email protected] or [email protected] or anything okay.

Also if you’re the type that pos messy content on your Facebook or other social media profile, clean up those nasty content from your Facebook account because some recruiters might check your social media behavior.

7. Adhere to instructions

Adhere strictly to instructions for application. When not sure, make enquiries. Don’t give a bad impression of yourself by not following instructions.

Good luck.

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