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Current lesson plan format and samples (+ Word & PDF download)

A lesson plan is very important because most times proper planning before execution is what it takes to get something done right. As a teacher or tutor, you obviously understand the importance of planning your lessons ahead of time for maximum impacts on or benefits for your students.

This post contains a current lesson plan format you can use as a template and tweak it to suit your own needs.

Before diving into the lesson plan samples, let’s first understand what makes up a lesson plan and its primary purpose.

What is the purpose of a lesson plan?

A lesson plan is a document that highlights a teacher’s lesson plan for a particular topic. This plan includes a lot of information about the topic, what the students are supposed to gain, what you intended to teach this topic with, how you intend to carry out your research, what you are evaluating the students on, the objective of the study, etc.

So, it generally serves as a guide for the teacher to plan their lessons in a way that will benefit the students and in a formal setting or if you’re on a job it shows the supervisor that you have an idea as regards what you are doing.

Some teachers hate writing lesson notes because they feel it is a chore. If you are a teacher who hasn’t learned the ropes of this great task yet, this is for you. This article is here to guide you.

How to write a lesson plan

Before you start writing your lesson plan, you need to discipline yourself to follow through. Take out time from your busy schedule to do this; if you do not and you let procrastination creep in, it won’t be right.

How do you plan your lessons? The lesson note format is pretty accessible as far as you know the topic that you have to teach your pupils or students. As a new teacher, it might not be easy, but if you follow our format, you will have little or nothing to worry about.

Lesson plan template/sample

Name of Teacher Tope Ogechi Musa
Class Primary 5 A
Subject Home Economics
Topic Household Cleaning
Sub Topic Cleaning the kitchen
Reference Materials Introduction to Home Economics 5
Instructional Material Whiteboard marker, YouTube for cleaning videos
Objectives To teach the pupils how to clean a standard kitchen properly
Instructions By the end of the lesson, the class will clean the Home Economics Lab and write an essay on how they cleaned their kitchen at home.
Lesson Contents Step by step guide on cleaning the kitchen and kitchen equipment like gas cooker, oven, microwave, and even a dishwasher.
Body of the topic
Evaluation The pupils will write a test and an essay. They will also lean the Home Economics lab and show the class how to use some of the equipment we learned.
Questions What do you do after baking?

What is the right way to clean a gas cooker?

How do you use a dishwasher to do the dishes?


Download lesson note format Word & pdf

With the basic lesson note format above, we hope you can make headway as regards writing a lesson plan. Here you can download:

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