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Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novel For Students 2024

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For many students who are preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination, one of the challenges they face is the need to study and understand the recommended novel.

The novel chosen for the JAMB examination is "The Life Changer" by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

This blog post will provide a summary of each chapter, theme, and character of "The Life Changer" to help you gain a better understanding of the novel and prepare for the upcoming JAMB examination.

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Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novel


A family of six eagerly anticipates the arrival of Mr Esquire while discussing their daily experiences. Bint, the family's darling, shares her classroom encounter with her social studies teacher, Mallam Salihu, who often acts like he knows everything.

Bint impresses her mother with her quick-witted response to one of Salihu's questions. Later, when Bint's brother Omar shares news of his admission to law school, their mother reflects on how her university admission changed her life.


Ummi journeys back to twenty years ago as she reminisces about her university days, including her marriage before starting her registration. Ummi shares her experiences of the carefree life of students, the dress codes, and the distinctions between teachers and students.

She recounts how her friend Salma embarrassed herself by making disparaging remarks about a university official, not realizing that he was the lecturer in charge of the registration process. Ummi also shares her discomfort with the HOD's advances towards her, which she initially assumed were unwelcome gestures.

Later, she learned that the HOD was a close friend of her husband, who was instrumental in securing her admission. Ummi requested her husband's apology to Dr Samuel Johnson, feeling bad about her earlier assumptions.


In this chapter, Ummi tells the story of Talle, also known as 'the quiet one'. Talle grows up with a silent character after his birth causes the death of his mother.

After the death of his father and stepmother, he becomes even more withdrawn. Despite being considered a good person by his village, Talle needs money and, along with his friend Zaki, abducts a boy for ransom.

Their plan is discovered when Talle's grocery requests double in size, and he is ultimately arrested and sentenced to years of imprisonment with hard work.

Ummi mentions Talle's story to admonish her children, including her son Omar, who has just gained admission to the university. The chapter explores the consequences of Talle's actions and the impact of his introverted nature on his life.


In this chapter, we see Salma's arrogance and pomposity on full display as she dismisses advances from her level coordinator, Dr Debo.

After completing her registration, she moves into a room with three other girls, whom she initially dislikes but eventually grows to like them.

Later, Salma accepts a ride from two men, Habib and his driver, Labaran, and plots to decline Habib's proposal as a means to upgrade her status and gain recognition.

Meanwhile, Dr Dabo, a disciplined lecturer, regrets his advances towards Salma and vows never to let his guard down again.

Salma also meets Habib and Labaran on her way back to campus and gives them a false name and number.


In this chapter, Salma faces a dilemma as she gives Habib the wrong phone number, resulting in him calling Tomiwa instead.

Tomiwa goes on a date with Habib and is surprised when he gifts her and her roommates with money and gifts. Salma initially expresses jealousy but eventually settles down with the help of her roommates.

Habib and his driver, Labaran, are revealed to be childhood friends, and Labaran supports Habib's political career.

The chapter also highlights the academic progress of Salma and her roommates as they prepare for their General Studies exams.

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Salma struggles with Moral philosophy and decides to cheat during the examination by copying answers from a note provided by Kola.

Despite Kola's initial resistance, he eventually provides Salma with code responses to the first two questions.

Salma's cheating is discovered when the invigilator notices her sudden inspiration to write after spending thirty minutes writing nothing.

Salma is compelled to sign the Examination Malpractice (EMAL) form and implicates Kola, leading to his expulsion as well.


Salma, struggling with her academic performance, seeks the help of her friend's politician lover, Habib, to influence the Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC).

Initially, Habib suggests involving Dr Debo, but Salma declines and proposes bribing the committee. Habib agrees to give her money to bribe the EMEC chairman, but Salma is hesitant due to her affair with Labaran.

Eventually, Salma accepts the money from Habib and gives it to Dr Kabir, who she believes is the EMEC chairman.

However, she later learns that Dr Kabir is an impostor and not a member of the committee. Salma's plan fails, and she faces the consequences of her actions at the EMEC panel.


In this chapter, it is revealed that the laboratory technologist, Mohammed Kabir, is also known as "Doctor" due to a nickname he acquired in secondary school.

Kabir is a friendly individual who has gained the trust of many people at the university where he works. When Salma gets tricked by a gambler, Labaran enlists the help of Zaki to recover the money.

Zaki catches up with Kabir, who won the money from Salma and collected it from him. The chapter also sheds light on the backstory of Zaki's involvement in the kidnapping of Alhaji Adamu's son.

Honourable Habib instructed Zaki to carry out the kidnapping, but it was bungled due to the involvement of an inexperienced villager named Talle.


In this chapter, Ummi tells a story about Salim's experience with smartphones and social media.

He meets a girl named Natasha online and agrees to meet her late at night, not realizing it is a trap set by kidnappers and robbers. Salim escapes by divine intervention.

Later, Salim meets another girl on social media and asks Lawal to accompany him to their meeting. Lawal declines, and Salim is disappointed to discover that the girl is not as beautiful as he had thought.

Meanwhile, Ummi's children eagerly await their father's arrival, as Ummi continues to entertain them with stories.

About The Author - The Life Changer 

Khadija has a B.Sc. in Mathematics (Education) degree. She's Boutique Afrique's CEO and an entrepreneur. Khadija Abubakar Jalli has a husband and kids.

The Life Changer, Khadija Abubakar Jalli's first book, looks to be a statement about the resurgence of the female voice in the African literary scene.

The Life Changer List of Characters

  • Ummi.
  • Bint.
  • Omar.
  • Teemah.
  • Jamila.
  • Salma.
  • Samuel Johnson.
  • Doctor Dabo.
  • Mallam Salihu
  • Zaki
  • Labaran & Habib
  • Alhaji Adamu
  • Tomiwa and others.


If you want to write the UTME exam, we recommend you go through the novel twice or more for you to be able to answer any question that comes out in your exam.

Meanwhile, we have provided you with a summary of the life changer novel chapter by chapter. Ensure you go through them as this will give you the confidence to answer all questions correctly.

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Wish you success in your exam!

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