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10 Lucrative Side Business Ideas for Employees to Start

Many business-minded employees out there run a business on the side while working for a company. It’s no news that having more than one stream of income is the surest way to financial freedom. It’s has become a kind of risky to depend totally on just your salary; except, of course, you’re earning a substantial six-seven figure monthly.

When salary gets stuck!

In Nigeria, salary is one thing that rarely increases according to the economic state of the country. You can agree with me that foodstuff, groceries, house rent and every other part of your bills increase from time to time. But your salary might have been the same for the last 2-3years, if not more. And without promotion, it just might be at a standstill.

An additional source of income to the rescue

That said, you might want to look out for side hustles that could bring you more money either on a daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly basis. Depending on the path you’re willing to tow.

In this post, I’ll be listing out some of the best side hustle ideas for employees that you can try. I guess you are already interested in finding out more. Right? Feel free to read with me…
Side Hustle Ideas For Employees

First of all, I’d like to point out that having a side hustle doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start earning in millions the blink of an eye. Just like the name implies, it’s a hustle and you need to put in the time and effort to build it before you can start earning.

The good thing is, side hustles when done right and consistently, will keep you on the right track to financial freedom. But before you consider taking a side hustle, you have to consider the following factors:

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Side Hustle

  • Time
  • Consistency
  • Skills and certifications
  • Required efforts
  • Interest

Time: you have to make sure that you have the time to take on a new hustle. Does your recent job allow you to breathe? Do you work round the clock? I’m sure you wouldn’t want your job to suffer because of your new hustle, and vice versa. Except you are ready to resign.

So you have to be able to manage your time with work and also be sure that you can make out time for a new hustle before starting one.

Consistency: We’ve all heard the popular cliche, “consistency is key”. If not, well, you just did. But the main point here is that you have to be intentional and regular when building your side hustle.

It’s not a ” story for another day” kinda work. Except you’re freelancing. For most side hustles, you have to dedicate your time regularly to make it grow and start generating money for you.

Skills and Certifications: Does this hustle require a skill that you have or do not have? Do you need to learn a new skill, take a course or get certified?

You have to ask yourself these questions and if there’s a need to learn a new skill, take a course or get certified. Be sure that it aligns with your Interest, so you don’t have to start losing focus or dealing with regrets in the long run.

With that in mind, we can now move to the side hustle ideas that you can try as an employee. Read along…

10 Best Side Hustle Ideas for Employees in Nigeria

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. Personal shopping
  6. Dropshipping
  7. Home/Online tutor
  8. Language translator
  9. Social media influencing
  10. Virtual assistant


Thankfully, the world is going more digital and Nigerians are fast embracing remote jobs. You can now have multiple streams of income from the comfort of your bed. So long as you’re determined to put in the hard work.

There are tons of freelancing gigs that you can take up as a side hustle, depending on your already existing skills or skills that you’re willing to learn.

You can earn through copywriting, graphic designs, video editing, scriptwriting, creating explainer videos, data entry, data analysis, software development, and a host of many others. You can click here(add link) to find out more about freelancing ideas and how to get gigs and start earning.

Affiliate Marketing

If you already own a website with traffic, this is one way to earn passive income while on a job. You can reach out to companies with products for sale or sign up on apps that pay for referrals, share your links on your website to get paid when people sign up with your referral code.

Digital Marketing

If you are digital savvy and know your way around the internet; SEO, SEM, how to boost a business with ad campaigns. Then, digital marketing is a side gig that you should try. The good things are that you can as well learn it even as a total newbie and get better at it with practice.


This is also another good way to earn passive income in Nigeria. Millions of people search for things online, every second and you can tap into this opportunity by creating content that people are searching for.

You can start by choosing a niche that best suits you and a blogging platform with free hosting for a trial. With consistency, you can gather enough traffic to your blog and start earning. Click here(link) to see several ways that you can earn from your blog.

Personal shopping

Most Nigerian, who live in fast cities rarely have time to shop. Factors like traffic, work time and workdays can hinder their movement to the market. And that’s why online stores are booming.

If you have a flair for shopping, know the best places to source products and at the best rates too. This is an opportunity you can tap into. All you need is to put yourself out on the internet, volunteer to help people out with their shopping lists, and have them vouch for you. This is something you can do during the weekends, depending on your schedule and availability.


Like personal shopping, you can help people buy the products that they need. But this time around, you either have them the items, or you buy from popular e-commerce stores abroad and resell them to people who might need them.

This is a good way to make extra cash because you buy it directly from the producers at wholesale price and sell at your market price.

Home/Online tutor

If you’re good at teaching, already teaching or loves helping people to learn. This is another way to make money on the side. You just have to source for clients that need your services or join a home tutoring agency to help you get gigs.

Language translator

Language translation is a sought after skill on most freelancing platforms. if you have excellent written and verbal communication skills in a foreign language and are ready to translate a few texts in exchange for a foreign currency. Then this opportunity is calling your name.

Social media influencing

Interestingly, a lot of people are already cashing out from this hustle. If you’re active on social media and have large followers who engage with your content. You can start earning as a social media influencer.

All you have to do is reach out to companies who might want to advertise their products to strike a deal with them. They can pay you for the adverts or on a commission basis, depending on the number of people who signup with your affiliate link or promo code.

Virtual assistant

This opportunity also sells on freelancing platforms. A lot of business owners and freelancers who have a lot on their desks, end up hiring a virtual assistant to ease their burdens.

If you have a flair for getting things done, with good time management skills and can work remotely. You can check out freelancing platforms and job listing sites for such openings and start earning on the side.


It’s good to note that having a side hustle requires extra efforts and commitments. So you should be well prepared before starting the journey. You can read more on the side hustle ideas I have listed above to choose the one that best aligns with your goals and interests.

Don’t forget to share the word. Happy money-making.

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