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Nigeria WhatsApp Group links 2022

Join the Nigeria WhatsApp Group links, chat and connect on WhatsApp. Joining is free but make sure you are not in more than 2 Groups else you will be kicked out from all the Groups and there is no chance of joining again.

Please note: Do not spam the WhatsApp Groups, do not join more than one group and do not post anything irrelevant.

To join WhatsApp Groups in Nigeria, click on any of the Group Links below.

Nigeria WhatsApp Group Invite Links

NB: Beware of scammers. Do not trust anyone you don’t know.

Lagos WhatsApp Group **latest

A Group chat meant for Lagosians ONLY. Join the new Lagos WhatsApp Group chat: Lagos WhatsApp Group 1 OR Join Lagos WhatsApp Group 2

Abuja WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Abuja WhatsApp Group Link

Aba (Abia City) WhatsApp Group

Follow this link to join Aba Folks WhatsApp Group

Port Harcourt WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Port Harcourt WhatsApp Group Link

Enugu WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Enugu WhatsApp Group Link

Awka WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Awka WhatsApp Group Link

Benin WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Benin WhatsApp Group Link

Uyo WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Uyo WhatsApp Group Link

Calabar WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Calabar WhatsApp Group Link

Owerri WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Owerri WhatsApp Group Link

Kaduna WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Kaduna WhatsApp Group Link

Ibadan WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Ibadan WhatsApp Group Link

Jos WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Jos WhatsApp Group Link

Sokoto WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Sokoto WhatsApp Group Link

Lagos WhatsApp Group

Kano WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Kano WhatsApp Group Link

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