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2024 Nigerian Navy Recruitment – Batch 36 Announced

The Nigerian Navy is gearing up for Batch 36 recruitment. If you’re interested in joining the Navy, here’s what you need to know and how to apply.

Recruitment Steps

  1. Ads and Awareness: Look out for ads in print and online media.
  2. Apply Online: Fill out the application form on their website.
  3. Exams and Interviews: If selected, you’ll undergo exams and interviews.

General Tips for Applicants

  1. Citizenship and Age: Be a Nigerian citizen within specific age limits.
  2. Education Matters: Different roles have different educational requirements, so check them carefully.
  3. Personal Status: Stay single and without children.
  4. Clean Record: No past criminal convictions allowed.
  5. Health Check: Certain conditions, like sight issues or tattoos, disqualify.
  6. Height Rules: Specific height criteria for both males and females.
  7. ID Details: Have your NIN and BVN ready.
  8. Documents Needed: Prepare birth certificates, educational documents, and photos.

Education Requirements – Examples

  • Marine Engineer Artificer (MEA): Need OND Lower Credit in Marine or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Communications (C1): Requires SSCE or equivalent with credits in English, Maths, and Physics.
  • Health Technicians (F2): Various health roles, needing OND Lower Credit or professional qualifications.

Important Points

  • Warning: Faking documents or impersonation leads to disqualification.
  • Test Date: Keep an eye on the NN portal for the Recruitment Aptitude Test date.
  • Documentation: Bring completed forms and required docs to the interview.

How to apply

Are they joining the Nigerian Navy in Batch 36? Follow these guidelines from their official website. Good luck!

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