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9 Qualities of Serious Students – (Are You One of Them?)

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Excellent students are not a thing of luck. It is about having possessing certain qualities. Great students have good qualities that make them stand out. In this post, we look at some of those qualities students that identify serious students which also help them excel in their academic fields.


Discipline remains the first quality of a serious student.

As a student you need to be disciplined, meaning that you need to obey instructions from your teachers and even your parents. Of course, this does not mean you should not have a mind of your own.


The pursuit of knowledge is a necessary quality of a good student. The acquisition of knowledge sharpens the mind of students. The more you try to gain knowledge the more your quest for knowledge increases.

Remember knowledge is power. 


As a student, you need to work hard in other to gain knowledge and excel in your academics. An excellent student works hard by making research and reading in other to excel academically. 


A serious student pays attention while in class and also tries to gather knowledge doing so. Paying attention while the lecture is on helps students in their learning and this is one of the most important qualities of a serious student. 


You need to be smart in other to achieve good academic goals. It only takes a serious student to be smart and outstanding. Being smart includes that you are able to carry out your assignments well, study properly, answer questions and be a part of the class.


Students who exhibit genuine ambition towards learning do well in class. They keep pushing and working hard till they achieve their goals. It takes an ambitious student to excel. 


As a serious student, you need to be organized and be good at time management. This includes being punctual to lectures, maintaining a reading timetable, fun times, etc.

Being punctual to school helps in academic excellence. At its very least it helps you get to lectures on time and not miss assignments.

Proper time management is one of the important signs of a serious student.


As a serious student, you need to have an aim in life, setting a good goal for your future.

knowing what to become in life on time is good for a serious student. Make good decisions and be optimistic about the future.


Another important sign of a serious student is being able to ask questions especially when you don’t know or don’t understand. By asking questions in class, seminars and the likes, you get to understand better what you didn’t know prior. Asking questions is very important in the field of learning 


Finally, as the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack and dull boy.”

A serious student knows how to balance academics with fun and other important things about life. You don’t have to spend all your time on top of your books. Too much stress, too much seriousness without taking care of your health, social life etc. can be counterproductive.

So, while being that “serious” student, make sure to balance things up with other activities.

Wishing you EXCELLENCE!

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