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List of social science courses in Nigerian universities

Social science courses in Nigerian higher institutions (universities). For students coming from arts/social science in their O’Level and JAMB, it is very like you will gain admission to study either social science courses or art courses. Hence, it is important you know the available courses in social science in Nigerian universities beforehand.

Requirements for social science courses in Nigeria

Requirements vary depending on the specific course and sometimes the school you are applying for. So, apart from the normal general requirements like 5 credit passes in O’Level (WAEC, NECO, GCE or its equivalent), and minimum JAMB cut off mark for the universities, you also need to pass the screening and meet other admission requirements for the course you are applying for.

Note: Always use the JAMB Brochure to check the specific requirements for the social science course you are applying for. As I said, it may vary with schools and requirements may change over time.

Also, see the minimum JAMB admission cutoff marks for all the universities and polytechnics in Nigeria.

List of social science courses in Nigerian universities

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • Sociology & Anthropology
  • Religious and Cultural Studies
  • Social Work

The above is the list of social science courses you can find in most schools. However, it is important to understand that different schools can include different courses in their faculty of social sciences.

In other words, courses you may find under social sciences in one school may be found in a different faculty (eg. management) in another school.

Hence, I want to also include a more comprehensive list of social science and management courses. See below.

List of Social science and Management Science Courses in Nigerian Universities

  • Accountancy
  • Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Arabic and Islamic Religious Studies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Business And Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Business Management
  • Conflict And Peace Resolution
  • Criminology
  • Demography and Social Statistics
  • Economics
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Environmental Protection And Resources Management
  • Film And Video Studies
  • Finance
  • Geography
  • Environmental Management
  • Regional Planning
  • Resources Management
  • Public Administration
  • History And International Relations
  • Home Economics
  • Tourism
  • Human Resources Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Information Resources Management
  • Insurance
  • International Relations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Law
  • International Law and Diplomacy
  • Library and Information Science
  • Local Government Studies
  • Marketing
  • Mass Communication
  • Office And Information Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Philosophy
  • Administrative Studies
  • Political Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Justice
  • Social Works
  • Sociology
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Sociology and Psychology
  • Taxation
  • Transport Planning and Management

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