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Official JAMB Brochure 2022 (All Courses & Schools, +PDF Download)

We’ve made available the latest JAMB brochure, also available in PDF format for free download.

Latest JAMB Brochure

JAMB introduced an “Interactive Brochure” in which the student doesn’t have to go through tons of pages of the JAMB brochure to get the information he needs. To access the latest brochure, visit the JAMB IBASS and click on BROCHURE:


You can quickly take a look at the JAMB Subjects Combinations for different courses.

How to use the JAMB Brochure

JAMB brochure contains information about all the courses offered by JAMB-recognized schools in Nigeria, as well as the requirements for each of the courses.

Sometimes different schools may have different requirements for the same course. A good example is a case where different schools accept different JAMB subjects combinations for the same course.

One of the reasons the JAMB brochure is important is that it will guide the candidate in knowing the requirements for the course he/she wants to apply for.

When you download the brochure, locate the course you wish to apply for, check the general requirements and the specific requirements (if any, for the school of your choice) for that course.

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Download JAMB Brochure PDF

You can also download PDF copies of the JAMB Brochure from the official JAMB IBASS Page linked above.

Steps to download the brochure is as easy as shown in the screenshots below. Simply click the print or download button if provided, else, highlight the content you want to download and select print, then save that as a PDF document:

highlight text
Highlight content, right-click and select print
print from chrome
save as PDF

This way you can download a copy of the brochure so you can check requirements for any course of your choice, as well as other information like the specific requirements according to schools for each of the courses.

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  1. Sir, I have all the requirement I want to study public health in Taraba state university do they have the caurse ?

  2. I got English language B3, mathematics B3, phycsis E8, chemistry B3 and biology B3 and i want to go for microbiology is it possible

  3. Sir;
    what is the course for this result:

    CRS – C5
    LIT -E8
    CIVIC – D7
    ENG – C6
    MATHS – C6
    AGRIC – C5
    IGBO – C5

  4. I have b3 in maths, d7 in eng, c4 in economic and c5 in f/account but I done combination of subject in English in NECO c4 in English.

    1. English language is a requirement for most courses. Please check JAMB Brochure for the specific requirements for your courses of interest

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