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You want JAMB Expo/Runs 2022?


JAMB Runz or JAMB expo – what you need to know.

First, it usually goes like:

“Get all JAMB Answers loaded into your system on your JAMB examination day! We are the best in JAMB runs, with smart software that can bypass JAMB systems and deliver your expo automatically. No need entering the hall with a sheet of paper of any physical expo material that can implicate you. Contact us via [phone/email]…”

Interesting, isn’t it? I mean, why suffer yourself about JAMB? Why read books day in day out in the name of preparing for JAMB when you can get such service as summarized above delivered to you?

So the other day in our JAMB WhatsApp Group some guy was spamming the Group with JAMB runs info. According to him, he has developed some smart software that can bypass the JAMB system during the exam and automatically load the correct answers for the students into the system. He said they have “E-JAMB” system and the other “E-JAMB RUNS”.

There was yet another one who calls himself “EXAMSGURU” The offers are similar: you pay, relax and they handles your JAMB exam for you, providing all JAMB answers (“expo”) automatically. In fact, there are many such things flying around the Internet on different social media, especially WhatsApp Groups and Facebook.

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Why you should be wary of JAMB Expo (JAMB Runs)

Apart from the fact that some JAMBites are still naive about what education really is and why going to school is important, there are other reasons you should be wary of JAMB runs and anyone who promises to send you expo during your JAMB CBT exam.

Having graduated from one of the best schools in Nigeria (or simply the best if you ask me), and studied one of the challenging courses that many find challenging (all courses can be challenging anyway), I have a couple of reasons to tell you to be wary of exam runs:

Most of JAMB CBT runs (if not all) are scams

So for the guy who claimed to have some smart software that loads answers automatically using NLP, I see nothing but lies.

See, I am not saying that it isn’t possible, no, but from my little “attack” to his post and being a programmer/developer for a few years now, I was able to notice that this “guru” knows nothing about what he was saying. Even if he has such software, he himself doesn’t know what he is saying.

What these guys do is that they use big words like “NLP” to deceive the gullible, vulnerable ones. They collect your money and leave you to luck in your exam hall.

You were even asked to “Google NLP” and when you see how such a program can answer a straightforward question like “in which continent is Nigeria”, you think “It will work for JAMB!” Sorry, It can’t ever be that easy.

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Your foundation will be weaker

If for a very simple exam like JAMB you are relying on the expo, what will you do when you go into the university? Well, you continue with exam runs, after all some so-called higher institutions in this country are so academically corrupt, so also their exams, grades and awards.

But the problem here is that when you go to good schools like UNN (that’s the one I know, there are other good schools of course) you are most likely doomed if your foundation is built on expo and not the prerequisite knowledge for the course you want to study.

Such student will struggle academically and most likely graduate with very poor GPA. Some even get frustrated along the way and give up because there lost performances are not recoverable.

This is simple: “you can’t give what you don’t have, and, if the foundation is weak the house cannot stand a test of time. Don’t go there and waste your years in frustration and “struggle.”

Education is for knowledge, not for paper qualification

The other day we were talking about the quality of education in different parts of the country and she said, “is it not the same paper that we have?” By that, she meant “Is it not the same certificate?” This was coming from a “teacher.” That is where many begin to get it wrong, especially JAMBites. To some JAMBites, going to school is important they can get the “paper”, just like the other guy did. Such persons do say “It doesn’t matter abeg, let’s just get the paper.”

But the reality on the ground is that education is not for paper or certificate. Like I said above, education is for knowledge, exposure and to help you “discover yourself”, develop or build yourself.

The certificate has been so much bastardized these days, especially in our country Nigeria that is doesn’t have value anymore. People who placed value on paper qualification are usually JAMBites or undergraduates. If you want to know what I mean, go out to the streets and ask graduates roaming the streets and they will explain better.

Companies hire talent, careers are built from talent and hard work

The thing is, those who know the values of education don’t value “expo.” Education is for knowledge and exposure, jobs and other things follows. Even if you just want to think job, do you think companies hire paper qualified persons or persons with knowledge and the skills they so much need? This is the right time to start pondering on at this moment.


I have one conclusion to make here: Be wary of JAMB runs and please.

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All the best in your exam!

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