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SS1 Chemistry Scheme of Work (1st, 2nd, 3rd terms)

Chemistry scheme of work for senior secondary school one (SS1) class.

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First Term

Week 1-2: Introduction to Chemistry

  1. Introduction to the subject and its importance
  2. Branches of Chemistry
  3. Scientific Method and laboratory safety
  4. The Periodic table
  5. Chemical Symbols, Formulas, and Equations

Week 3-4: Matter and its Properties

  1. Definition of matter
  2. Classification of matter
  3. Physical and chemical properties of matter
  4. Changes in the matter: physical and chemical changes

Week 5-6: Atomic Structure

  1. Historical development of atomic the theory
  2. Structure of an atom (subatomic particles)
  3. Atomic number, mass number, and isotopes
  4. Electronic configuration and the periodic table

Week 7-8: Chemical Bonding

  1. Introduction to chemical bonding
  2. Ionic bonding and ionic compounds
  3. Covalent bonding and molecular compounds
  4. Metallic bonding

Week 9-10: Practicals and Assessments

Practicals and Assessments

Second Term

Week 1-2: States of Matter

  1. Kinetic theory of matter
  2. Gas laws: Boyle’s, Charles’s, and Avogadro’s laws
  3. Properties of solids and liquids
  4. Phase changes: melting, boiling, sublimation, and condensation

Week 3-4: Solutions and Concentration

  1. Types of solutions: saturated, unsaturated, and supersaturated
  2. Solubility and factors affecting solubility
  3. Concentration units: molarity, molality, and mass percentage
  4. Dilution calculations

Week 5-6: Acids, Bases, and Salts

  1. Properties of acids and bases
  2. pH scale and indicators
  3. The naming of common acids and bases
  4. Neutralisation reactions and salts

Week 7-8: Redox Reactions

  1. Introduction to oxidation and reduction
  2. Balancing chemical equations for redox reactions
  3. Electrochemical cells and their applications
  4. Corrosion and Prevention

Week 9-10: Practicals and Assessments

Practicals and Assessments

Third Term

Week 1-2: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry

  1. Types of chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, combustion, etc.
  2. Balancing chemical equations
  3. Stoichiometry and mole concept
  4. Limiting reactants and percent yield

Week 3-4: Organic Chemistry

  1. Introduction to organic chemistry
  2. Structure and nomenclature of organic compounds
  3. Functional groups and their properties
  4. Isomerism in organic compounds

Week 5-6: Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions

  1. Exothermic and endothermic reactions
  2. Enthalpy changes and calorimetry
  3. Hess’s law and heat of formation
  4. Spontaneity and Gibbs free energy

Week 7-8: Environmental Chemistry

  1. Pollution and its types
  2. Air pollution and its effects
  3. Water pollution and treatment methods
  4. Green chemistry and sustainable practices

Week 9-10: Practicals and Assessments

Practicals and Assessments

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