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TRCN – Everything You Need To Know


Are you a teacher, an educator, or aspiring to be a teacher at any level of the education sector in Nigeria? If yes, one of the necessary things you must know about is the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). So, in this article, we will explore everything you need to know about this agency called TRCN. 

What Is TRCN? 

The Nigerian government formed the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) as a regulatory agency to manage the registration, licencing, and regulation of teachers in Nigeria. The TRCN Act No. 31 of 1993 (now the TRCN Act CAP T3, 2004) established it.

The TRCN’s main objective is to ensure professionalism and excellence in the teaching profession in Nigeria. It does this through establishing and upholding high standards for teachers’ education, certification, and practice. The council is in charge of conducting teacher professional examinations as well as accrediting and approving programmes for teacher training in tertiary institutions. 

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria also registers; and issues licences to competent teachers, ensuring they adhere to the standards and have the training and expertise required to teach in Nigeria. It keeps track of all registered teachers in a database and provides them with a certificate and a unique identification number.

The TRCN is also in charge of enforcing discipline and ethical conduct among teachers. It looks into teacher complaints and, when necessary, imposes the proper sanctions. The council also offers teachers opportunities for ongoing professional development to advance their skills and knowledge.

In conclusion, the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria is essential in advancing professionalism, excellence, and accountability in the Nigerian teaching industry. It enforces ethical standards and ensures teachers are professionally trained, registered, and licenced.

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TRCN Exam Registration Basic Requirements For Candidates

You must provide the following documents to complete registration for the TRCN exam.

School Certificate: a copy of your NCE, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree certificate.

Teaching Qualification: If you have a school certificate in Education, e.g. NCE, B. Ed, M. Ed, you are already a qualified teacher and do not require additional teaching qualifications.

Your non-educational school certificates, such as a B.Sc., B.A., M.Sc., M.A., or PhD, must be submitted with it if you do not possess a teaching qualification like PGDE, PDE, or PDDE.

Birth Certificate (photocopy).

State of Origin Certificate (photocopy).

Passport photographs (4 copies).

TRCN Registration: Steps To Enroll For Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE)

If you want to register for the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) exam, follow the step-by-step guide below. 

1. Visit any TRCN office near you, probably the one in the capital city of your state. Do not consult anyone outside the TRCN office to avoid getting scammed. 

2. When you get to the TRCN office, inform the officer that you want to register for the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE). The officer will provide the Remita payment details to send the appropriate amount to a “Federal account via Remita” based on your category. Do NOT pay to any personal, corporate, or business account. 

3. Go to any bank or computer café and tell them you want to pay for the TRCN exam with Remita. Banks will do it without hesitation, while internet café operators may require more instruction. If they do, instruct them to:

  • Visit the Remita Platform 
  • Select “Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria”.
  • Select “Professional Qualifying Examination Application Fee”.
  • Enter the GIFMIS code (get it from the TRCN officer)
  • Input the amount, your name, phone number, and email.
  • Click on SUBMIT.
  • Input their ATM card details.
  • Click on “Make Payment”.

Do not give your ATM card details to the Internet café or anyone to avoid unauthorised online payment with your ATM card. It is better to give cash or transfer to the café operators and let them use their cards for online payment. 

However, if you are technically competent, you can make payment online with your phone or personal computer with the steps outlined above. 

4. Return to the TRCN office with proof of payment (teller or Remita receipt) and all registration documents required.

5. After confirming your documents and evidence of payment, the officer will give you the exam registration form to fill out appropriately.

In the form, there will be a section for you to select one category from A to D.

Here’s the interpretation of the category A-D below:

  • Category A – if you are a Doctorate degree holder.
  • Category B – if you are a Master’s degree holder.
  • Category C – if you are a Bachelor’s degree or HND holder.
  • Category D – if you are an NCE holder.

Select ONLY the category of your highest certification.

How Much Is TRCN Registration Fee

The table below highlights the TRCN registration fee, exam fee, and license fee for candidates.

S/NCategoriesRegistration Fee (NAIRA)PQE Examination FeeLicense Fee
1.A (Ph.D.)N10,000.N5,000N15,000
2.B (M.Sc./M.Ed)N8,000N4,000N12,000
3.C (B.Sc.)N6,000N3,500N9,000
4.D (NCE)N3,000N3,000N6,000

TRCN State Offices

TRCN has offices in each state in Nigeria. If you want to visit their office in wherever state you are, click the link below for the current addresses of state coordinators, emails, and phone numbers. 

TRCN State Offices In Nigeria

TRCN Result – How To Check Your Results Online

Are you done writing your TRCN exam and want to check your result online? We have explained how to check your result online in another blog post. Click the link below now!

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TRCN Exam Date For 2023

Have you registered for the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria and don’t know the exact time and date for the exam? 

Relax, the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria will communicate the examination venue and date to all candidates of all categories. So, look out for notification from TRCN management. 

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