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Download TRCN Past Questions & Answers (PDF) – Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) Professional Qualifying Examination Past Questions & Answers (PDF) is for those who want to prepare well and pass the exam. If you are going to sit for the TRCN examination and want to know the kind of questions to expect, go through the past questions and answers and you will be more ready to score high in the exam.

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Sample TRCN past questions and answers


Which of the theories most emphasizes the teachers’ role

a. Cognitive
b. Behaviourism
c. Gestalt
d. Instructional Theory
ans. b


Professional prerequisites to practice as a teacher excludes

a. Possession of a professional certificate
b. Possession of practising license
c. Possession of subject qualification and teaching qualification
d. Possession of good higher degrees
ans. d


In 1771 which of the following researchers propounded that the blind could read and write by using his/her fingers?

a. Nightingale
b. Valentine Haye
c. Jean Itard
d. Marcus Haye
ans. b


In the library, the call number is critical to___

a. Lending
b. Shelving
c. Retrieval
d. Cataloguing
ans. b


Which of these best explains the coordination of human and material resources towards the achievement of diverse organizational goals?

a. Administration
b. Management
c. Auditing
d. Directing
ans. b


Sociological studies affirm that___

a. Children exposed to permissive discipline are conforming and more dependent
b. Children exposed to restrictive disciplines are conforming and more dependent
c. The more the parents’ discipline, the more the child’s cognitive development
d. The more severe the discipline, the more the child conforms.

ans. a

Download TRCN past questions and answers PDF

The TRCN past questions are now available in PDF format. It is an opportunity for you to pass in flying colours, as my mum did on her first trial (read her story below). All you have to do is to grab a copy of the past questions and start studying on time. Don’t wait until a few days to the exam before you start to prepare for it.

How to download the TRCN Past Questions and Answers PDF

Our TRCN past questions and answers cost N2,000 ONLY. We have to keep the price that low so everyone can afford it.

Buy the TRCN past questions and answers PDF

There are two options to get the TRCN past questions:

How to register for TRCN professional exam

Teachers seeking to enrol for the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), are to complete the registration forms obtainable from State offices nationwide.

PQE Successful Candidates are to Visit any of TRCN Offices close to them with your teller and they will issue a cash receipt to enable you to process your registration.

Ph.D in Education or
Ph.D in other field +
M.Ed/MSc (Ed) or
Masters in other field
B.Sc (Ed)/B.Ed or
Degree in other field +
Letter of Professional Standing – N40,000.00

TRCN annual dues

The annual dues of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)

are to be paid at any Commercial Bank and the teller taken to the TRCN office for documentation.

NCE 2,000.00 
BACHELORS 3,000.00 
MASTERS 4,000.00 
PhD 5,000.00 

TRCN licence renewal

A teacher is required to renew his/her license every three (3) years. However, he/she must have paid his/her annual dues consecutively for those three (3) years for his/her license to be renewed. Other conditions expected before a teachers license is renewed include:

a. Good conduct.
b. Earning of credit units stipulated for professional development in the TRCN Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) Manual.
c. Regular participation in TRCN membership activities.


A teacher who earns higher qualifications can change his/her membership grade (e.g. from B to A) by visiting the TRCN office to complete a standardized upgrading form. Such a teacher will also pay the difference in the registration fee between the old and new grades.

Why is the TRCN qualifying exam past questions and answers so important?

Here is why… bassed on my mum’s experience

It is a requirement that teachers in Nigeria write the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Professional Qualifying Examination (TRCN exams). In 2019, the federal government made the exam compulsory and any teacher who does not pass the examination would not be allowed to teach.

This new policy made a lot of the teachers step up on the hunt for the TRCN past questions. My mum was one of those that were desperately in need of the TRCN professional qualifying examination past papers. In February 2019, she left her role as the head of the Administrative Department in one of the federal parastatals and was transferred to a federal school. In her new place of work, she did not want to be an Administrative Officer, she felt she would make more impact as a teacher which was a great idea considering she has a degree in Education with her degree in Sociology. Even though many of her colleagues could not understand why she wanted to teach, they respected her decision but did not fail to tell her about the new policy and how she should start studying the TRCN past questions and answers.

I was thinking this would scare my mum because if she did not pass the professional examination, she would not be allowed to teach and after almost 25 years working as an Administrative Officer, this was her first real shot at teaching. Her colleagues shared my thoughts too, but she was determined. She was so determined that she was on the hunt for resources that will help her get prepared and her google search history was where can I find past questions on TRCN exams, where to download the TRCN past questions pdf, etc She finally discovered EduPadi and proceeded to download the application which allowed her study extensively for it.

When the exam date was almost near, my mother was confident that she had studied enough. While her colleagues were busy looking for TRCN past questions free download on Google, she was revising. She told them about the resource she used to study, but they did not take her seriously because they believed she was new to the system and most of them had written the exams twice and even thrice without passing it. They felt they have been in the system long enough to know what works and she is new in the teaching career, she cannot know the TRCN exam syllabus more than they know it.

My mum wrote the exams and passed in flying colours in her first trial. Unfortunately, most of her colleagues had to rewrite the exam.

Get a copy of the TRCN past questions and answers PDF. Do not forget to share. I wish you success in your exam!

References: the official website of TRCN

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