May/June 2021 WAEC expo/runs (also, join WhatsApp Group)

Searching for WAEC runs? First, I have some tips for you in this post if you want to do well for yourself in the WAEC exam.

WhatsApp Group for WAEC runs, April – May/June 2021 WAEC exam, my take on this.

Looking to join a WAEC runs (or WAEC expo) WhatsApp Group? Let’s look at what you need to consider and what’s worth it.

For the previously concluded WAEC as well as JAMB UTME exam, many JAMBites were searching everywhere for JAMB runs.

This year it is still the same and as you would expect, many scammers seize the opportunity to exploit the candidates. These scammers claim to be master of WAEC expo of some sort.

WAEC runs:

Now it’s time for WAEC and JAMB again. There are many WAEC candidates looking for WhatsApp Groups to join for WAEC runs (or “expo”) as this year’s “May/June” WAEC kicks off.

Interestingly, many scammers out there have started their normal business, claiming to assist the candidate with WAEC expo for 2021 May/June WAEC exam.

There are some questions every WAEC candidate need to ask herself:

  • Should you do WAEC runs?
  • Are these self-acclaimed WAEC runs masters legit?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What is the best way to go?

Let’s look at these three questions one after the other…

First, join Our WAEC WhatsApp Group. Please join WAEC WhatsApp Group: Join Active WAEC WhatsApp

Should you do WAEC runs?

Here is a moral question, for a God-fearing person and those who believe in good morals: is it righteous or morally right to engage in WAEC runs?

Obviously, the answer to that question is “NO”.

You can’t be depending on God and also depending on WAEC expo. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. It is morally wrong to engage in WAEC runs.

Are these self-acclaimed WAEC runs masters legit?

Those who tried during their JAMB exams must have seen the results. After that experience, I am sure they won’t need anyone to tell them what to do about the next scam which is “UPGRADE YOUR JAMB SCORE.” 

Obviously, there is corruption in the country. These people come to different WhatsApp Groups and ask you to subscribe to their WAEC expo are scammers. DO NOT DO THAT.

What is your purpose?

What’s your purpose of going to school? To gain knowledge or get the paper?

If to get the paper is your goal, please don’t waste your time because you will only spend the next 4, 5, or 6 years in school just to come out and join millions of others roaming the streets with papers.

However, if your purpose of going to school is for the sake of knowledge, if you value knowledge, then your approach towards your WAEC exams would be different.

Those who value knowledge put effort into it. If you are such a person, see the best way to go…

What is the best way to go?

The answer is simple: Nothing good comes easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Those who value knowledge try to gain that knowledge, no matter what.

So, if you are looking for the best approach to your WAEC exam, you need to take this approach:

  • Understand that education is for knowledge, not for paper qualifications
  • Start early to prepare for your WAEC exam. Do not wait for dying minute rush
  • Make sure to study with the past questions, extensively!
  • Study with other WAEC candidates
  • Do not get distracted by the so-called WAEC expo
  • Be fully prepared, go into the exam hall with all confidence
  • Please make sure you read this:

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