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Best courses to study in Nigeria (for a better future)

What are the best courses to study in Nigeria for a successful career, job, etc? Especially when you consider which course can help you pursue your dreams in life, get a job easily or have more opportunities.

Don’t go for just any course

Here is the way I see it: IF you don’t have your specific goals or reasons for going for that course of your choice, you need to understand that you don’t pick just any course because some courses have more opportunities than others.

Education helps shape the way we think, believe or act. Among the main purposes of going to school is to gain much knowledge in a particular field of study. In most cases, people build their futures and explore different career options based on the knowledge they acquired while in school.

We go to school to gain knowledge and develop relevant skills we can use to make positive impacts on society and in our lives as well. In many cases, education is a foundation upon which many careers and professional skills are built.

Indeed, education is no guarantee of success in life. Many graduates don’t have anything going. A lot of factors may be responsible for that, including making the wrong choices, bad economy, bad government, etc. but, that isn’t our topic here.

Make the right choice

Because education plays a very important role in our lives it is important you make the right choices for yourself before going to school. If you have to go to school you have to go there to gain knowledge and further build a future for yourself. But how can you make the right choice?

How to choose the best course to study in Nigeria

How do you make the right choice? How do you pick the best course to study? This is what this post will help you do. So, let’s get started.

To choose the best course to study at the university or any higher institutions, here are some tips for you.

1. Have a good reason for going to school

Why do you want to go to school? To some, it is because they think (or everyone thinks) they should go to school and become a “graduate”. If you are such a person, it might interest you to know that there are millions of graduates on the streets already. There has to be a better reason for you to go to school.

Among your primary goals for going to school should be to get knowledge and build your dreams in life. This dream may be to help build a better economy for your country as an economist; to become a medical doctor who helps preserver life; etc.

The bottom line is: you should have a great reason for wanting to go to school. A reason beyond just a certificate.

2. Choose a course you are passionate about

Why should you accept to study ANY course including the ones you just don’t like? Many students were like that: they made no choice because they were desperate or afraid. They are like “instead of me failing to gain admission this time let this wind of admission carry me into any course.” See, it is fear. When people are afraid they make such bad decisions.

Although it is true that after a year or more some will fall in love with the “any course” they were offered. However, this doesn’t happen most of the time. It can be a big regret not to have a choice and many who went that way regretted it.

The most important consideration when choosing a course to study is to identify the field of study you love more than the others. Doing this will help you a lot in the future.

You are going there to spend 4, 5, 6, or 7 years of your life (depending on the program). But the most important thing here is that you are going to that school to gain some knowledge that will help you in building a future for yourself. So, would you rather waste your time or trade your passion for “any course?”

It is true that many graduates have careers different from what they studied in school but should that justify not following your passion in life? Certainly no.

3. Passion will help you succeed

Another reason you have to follow your passion is that it will help you succeed. Of courses, there is nothing better than doing what you are passionate about. The opposite is terrible: there is no bigger “punishment” than doing something you hate doing. So bad you will be the one punishing yourself.

When you are in a field of study you like you will never lack the energy and passion to succeed. Some of the frustrations among some students are facing is waking up every morning doing what they are not passionate about. It affects their performances in school.

Hence, when choosing a course to study at university or whatever school, please go for your passion. Don’t be afraid of going for the “big” courses if that is where your passion is. When you are afraid you end up at the bottom of the ladder. You’ve got to be courageous. You’ve got to put in the right amount of energy and time into pursuing your dreams. In most cases, success doesn’t come by chance, instead, we build it.

4. Consider entrepreneurship, career opportunities, and job outlook

Some fields of study may have little job opportunities in this country. Don’t be deceived by those who tell you it doesn’t matter which course you study. For example, can you be a software engineer if you studied medicine instead? No. Unless you go back to learn software engineering. So, the career path you take matters.

We don’t go to school just to gain knowledge but to also make a positive impact in society, build a successful career and earn a living. This is what some people mean when they say we go to school so we can “have a future.” It is also the reason we have people with different careers such as economists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and nurses, etc.

Although education is not guaranteed for success – after all there are many graduates with no job, business or career, but, the fact which many people don’t tell you is that some fields of study have better or more career opportunities than others. That is expected because it all goes with trends in the needs of society.

For example, Information Technology plays critical roles in this modern society: think about the telephone, internet, television, etc.  Imagine the banking industry without ICT. But just like ICT, there are tons of other fields that solve a lot of problems in our society. Knowing the trends will help you choose the right career path even before you step your foot into the university.

5. Get professional advice

Please note that my advice here is not meant to substitute that of a professional in a career guide.

For someone who just finished secondary school, making a choice like this may be a little challenging or confusing. This is when having someone who knows better becomes helpful.

You can seek the help of your mentor that can help you make the right choice at this point in time. Please, it must be a knowledgeable person who knows better. It can be your parents, uncle, counsellor, etc., the most important thing is having someone who knows better and can assist you in picking the best course to study at the university.

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6. Conclusion

Before I conclude this post, here are some articles you might find helpful:

One: consider what aligns with your dreams in life and pick a field of study you are passionate about before. The field of study can be business, social science, law, medicine, technology, etc. Go where your passion is.

Two: what careers are in that field? What will it look like in the next couple of years? Will there be demands for it? How easy will be self-employment or finding a job? You can get help from your mentor.

Remember: don’t just go there to study any course, Instead, consider the careers you can build off it. What is the demand for it? How relevant will it be in the next 10 years or so? How is technology affecting jobs in that field? Is it creating more or reducing the numbers? What about your personal skills? What career best suits those skills you have or you believe you can develop?

You’ve to synchronize most of these things: your dreams, skills, passion, future or present career, opportunities, etc.

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What’s is your opinion? Which course do you suggest as among the best courses? Drop a comment.

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