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Effects of ASUU Strike On Students In Nigeria

Effects Of ASUU Strike On Students
Effects Of ASUU Strike On Students

Over the past years, the ASUU strike is a major educational issue that tertiary education face in Nigeria. 

There is almost no year that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) will not go on strike. 

The ASUU is one of the giant educational organizations in Nigeria, and its action or reaction makes a huge impact on our tertiary education. 

However, the ASUU strike affects Nigeria’s education system and the quality of education given to the students.

Meanwhile, more than before, the ASUU strike is becoming the order of the day in the educational sector.

For instance, the ASUU may go on for 3-6 months, which leads to a complete educational shutdown in the country. 

Students are stopped from coming to school and forced to go home until the strike ended. 

But, here is a big question: What exactly causes the ASUU strike in Nigeria?

In this article, I will explain the causes of the ASUU strike, its effects on the students, and the possible solution to the strike. 

Let’s dive in!

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Causes Of ASUU Strike In Nigeria

Have you ever thought of what is causing the ASUU strike in Nigeria almost every year?

Because without first knowing the causes of the strike, it will be impossible to offer a solution to the problem.

So, here are the major causes of the ASUU strike in Nigeria:

  1. The refusal of the Federal government to meet ASUU demands.
  2. The decrease in budgetary allocation to education.
  3. The refusal of the Federal government to renovate and improve universities in Nigeria.

These and many other issues between the Federal government and the ASUU are the causes of the strike.

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Effects of ASUU Strike On Students

We cannot deny the fact that the ASUU strike In Nigeria affects the students in many ways. While the strike affects education in Nigeria, it affects the students the most. 

Why? Because schooling and education will not be happening without the students. 

So, here are some of the effects of the ASUU strike on Nigerian students:

1. Lack of Trust And Interest In The Education System

Many parents and students have lost trust and interest in Nigeria’s educational system because of the constant strike, which is the order of the day. 

In fact, some students and parents are already seeking an alternate solution by processing admissions abroad. 

An issue like this will greatly affect education in Nigeria. A country whose educational sector is poor cannot do well in every other sector now and in the nearest future. 

2. Lost of Students’ Interest In Courses And Programs

With the constant ASUU strike in Nigeria, many students have already lost interest in continuing their courses and programs in school.

Many students now care and cater for their livelihood by securing jobs, starting a business, and other means of generating income.

Some students have totally lost interest in school and education to the extent that they plan not to return to school again. 

If the ASUU strike continues, it will produce thousands of school dropouts in the coming years.

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3. Students’ Poor Academics Performance

Since the students are forced to stop going to school due to the ASUU strike, it eventually leads to the poor academic performance of students.

Many Nigerian students sit at home until the strike ends, maybe after six (6)0 months. That leads to the inability of the lecturers and students to cover their syllabus.

And also, many students do not read at home during the strike, which automatically leads to poor academic performance.

4. Schooling Time Extention

Another effect of the ASUU strike on students is the schooling time extension. 

Many students spent six (6) years in school for a four (4) years course or program due to the ASUU strike. 

The strike causes many students to spend extra years in school and prolong their schooling time.

Some students who cannot bear the pain have already dropped out of school to face another chosen career.

Without further argument, the ASUU strike and the Federal government have failed Nigerian students. 

5. Unstable Academic Calender

Another consequence of the ASUU strike is that it fosters an unstable academic calendar. That affects the smooth running of the programs and the administration of the school entirely.

6. Negative Impact On The Life Career of Students

The constant ASUU strike happening in Nigeria does not only affect the education and academic career of the students. But the strike also affects the life career of students in different ways.

Every student has plans and ambitions in life, which can be time sometimes. 

For example, some students have planned to graduate from school at a certain age to chase their passion and chosen careers.

However, the ASUU strike has delayed many students from graduating at the right time, and that leads to a change in their life plans and careers.

Also, time is money, and it should be spent wisely. Meanwhile, the ASUU strike has wasted the time of many Nigerian students, and that cannot be regained again.

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What Is The Solution To The ASUU Strike?

As a Nigerian student, you have to realize that the solution to the ASUU strike is not in your hands. 

Yes, students can protest for the strike to end, but that can happen if the Federal government take the right action.

So, only the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal government can provide a solution to the strike.

However, there is something important Nigerian students that are affected by the ASUU strike can do.

So, what can you do for yourself in a strike like this?

Wise students can use this strike time to their advantage. How? by using this time to invest in themselves. 

How? By learning high-income skills that can make them valuable now and in the future.

Besides, we are not in the job economy again but in a skilled economy. Companies now hire people with more valuable skills than graduates.

And one of the best things you can do for yourself as a Nigerian is to learn high-income or valuable skills. 

The strike is wasting your time already and you should utilize this time to equip yourself with valuable skills.

Also, improve your communication skills, learn personal development, and build relationships with valuable people. 

This can be the best decision of your life as a Nigerian student.

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