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How to score above 300 in JAMB 2023 exam

Score high in JAMB by following the effective JAMB CBT exam secrets that I’ve shared with you in this post. These are tips to help you perform excellently in your upcoming JAMB UTME exam. So, take them seriously. 

You can score above 300 in JAMB CBT exam if you know the secrets and how to prepare for the exam.

But even if you don’t know, don’t worry, this article is meant to show you JAMB secrets and how to score high in your UTME exam. The important thing though is for you to take this guide seriously and take action, not just read and keep quiet.

How to score 300 and above in JAMB

Every year, there are students (like you) who score more than 300 in JAMB exam. Well, that is not all. Some candidates even score above 350, and some (usually very few though) get close to 400.

But, if they can score that high why can’t you? And not just that, as you should know by now, to gain admission into Nigerian universities is quite competitive. So to be in the merit list when admission lists are released, you have to “smash” JAMB.

Now, how to score high in JAMB?

It might be easier than you thought:

1. Start early

One of the biggest mistakes most JAMB students make is not starting early to prepare for the exam. To most of them, you hear them say something like “JAMB is still far.”

Some people start preparing for JAMB only when JAMB form is out. Some others don’t bother preparing until JAMB lesson starts – this set of students only rely on 2 or 3 months JAMB lesson.

However, smart students are those who started reading for JAMB exam as early as possible. Interestingly some of them finished O’level exam and started preparing for JAMB (which is similar to WAEC, NECO, etc).

The likely outcome is this: all things being equal, you don’t stand a chance against such student who started that early. She has read JAMB front and back, multiple times. She can tell some answers without even reading the questions to the end.

That’s how you prepare for JAMB: start early and read everything THOROUGHLY and over and over again!

2. Study JAMB past questions

No one needs to be told that JAMB past questions and answers are perhaps the most powerful tool to prepare for JAMB exam.

Why so?

  1. JAMB past questions will help you know the type of questions JAMB set.
  2. JAMB repeats questions often! Sometimes verbatim, sometimes paraphrased
  3. Speed & accuracy: when you study past questions thoroughly, over and over again you get to increase the speed with which you answer the questions because you’re now familiar with such questions having solved it multiple times before
  4. Boost your confidence: studying past questions help boost your confidence. It helps you understand and believe you can do it. “I can score high in JAMB!”

Why not download our JAMB past questions and answers PDF and start right now? All you need to do is select your subjects and download. Please download edungr JAMB Past Questions and Answers PDF.

3. Be on track

To be on track here means to know what JAMB requires of you. Some people study off topics because they are not properly guided.

In this case, you need to take a look at JAMB syllabus to know which areas JAMB expects you to cover. Please see JAMB syllabus for all subjects.

4. Practice JAMB CBT (esp. if you have never taken CBT exam before)

Additionally, if you’re not familiar with Computer-based exam (CBT), you might want to get familiar with it. That is, how to answer JAMB questions with a computer. It’s very easy.

Also, install EduPadi(EduPadi) JAMB CBT practice app and start preparing for the exam with thousands of JAMB past questions and answers.

And  don’t forget to:

  • start early to prepare for JAMB
  • Study JAMB past questions thoroughly
  • Practice for JAMB CBT exam
  • Don’t study irrelevant topics

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