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How To Stand Out In School Any Debate Competition

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One of the most popular and interesting events in every school is a debate competition.

Even so, only a few students can perform well in a school debate because the art of debate requires good communication skills, critical thinking, confidence, and research skill which many students don't have.

However, whether you've participated in a school debate before or not these powerful tips will help you stand out in any school debate competition.

1. Don't Try To Compete

A debate is indeed a competition between two people or teams to support and oppose a motion. But do not try to compete with your opposition or you will be giving them chances to win.

A debate is a formal discussion before an audience and the winner of the debate is decided by their performances. If you aim to win by taking the debate topic personally and including some illogical details then your chances of standing out are very tiny.

The best thing is: don't try to compete at all.

2. Do A Thorough Research

Research your debate topic very well. Know all the general details and note down the specific pieces of information on the topic.

One of the reasons why some students perform so low and lose in debate competition is because of half-baked research and assuming they know the topic.

Do not assume you know the topic even if you know it, do thorough research on the debate topic.

Ask for your friends, families, and people's opinions on the topic if they have any idea. These will help you to stand out.

3. Be Confident

Nervousness and fear are what make many students fail in debate competitions. Many students are afraid of big audiences and stages which made them perform low and lose even when they have the best points that can make them win and stand out.

Be confident and eliminate any form of fear in you. And if you're still feeling nervous rehearse with your friends and family to gain confidence.

4. Dress Nicely And Look Good For The Debate

"How you dress is the way you will be addressed, they say."

Your dressing and how you present yourself are considered a part of your delivery. In fact, some debate judges normally give a mark for dressing.

And besides, dressing nice and looking good will give you the confidence to speak.

Wash the clothes you're using for the debate, iron them, look good, and smell nice.

5. Know Your Audience

You need to know the audience: the panel of judges, your co-debaters, teachers, and participating students.

This will help you erase fear and make your interaction and communication flow on the stage.

6. Write Out Your Main Points And Memorize Them

Sometimes, you tend to forget your main points on the stage when you begin to flow in the debate. This is why it is important to memorize your main points and know them by heart.

Ideally, it is important to have and develop at least 3-5 strong points you want to argue about in the debate. If you give nothing less than this the panel of judges will assume you're not well prepared for the debate and this may reduce your scores.

BONUS TIP: To stand out, use figures, references, quotes, and brief history to back up your main points.

7. Speak With A Clear Voice

This is one of the major factors the panel of judges uses to judge and score debaters.

You have already lost in the debate competition if your voice is not clear or audible enough. Your audience won't hear whatever you're saying even if you have the best points.

To stand out, you have to treat your voice and speak clearly. Maintain a very good posture, gesture, and communication with your audience.

BONUS TIP: Look your audience in the eyes. It boosts your confidence and makes your flow very well.

8. Speak In Simple And Correct Grammars

You don't want to bamboozle your audience with big grammars they don't understand.

Even if you're so good at speaking big grammar you don't need it in a debate. Speak simple grammar and make sure they're correct.

9. Use Active Voice Not Passive Voice

You want to be direct to your audience and try your best to speak in an active voice throughout the debate.

Argue your motion with conviction and confidence. Convince the jury that your motion is the best way to go. And always remember to point out your negative points in a positive way.

10. Get Enough Sleep And Eat Well

Your whole body system and mental health are very important when participating in a debate.

You need your psychology, emotion, and thinking to stand out in a debate competition. You may perform low when you're fighting with hunger and feeling sleepy on the debate day.

That's why you must get enough sleep a day before the debate and eat a good meal on the day of the debate.

11. Your Introduction And Conclusion

Last but not least. Introducing yourself in a very striking way to the audience and greeting the audience is very important. You have to be firm and leave your best impression on your audience.

However, your debate is incomplete without a conclusion. You need to briefly summarize all your presentation and arguments. Take this opportunity to restate your main points and convince your audience in the best way you can.

BONUS TIP: Make sure to leave an impact on your audience and leave a very striking question for them to think about at the end of your presentation. This will help you gain more points.

In conclusion, to stand out and win a debate competition isn't that easy but these 11 powerful tips will help you stand out and win any debate competition. Do ensure to follow these tips when participating in your next debate and make yourself stand out.

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