How to safely upgrade JAMB score/result 2021?

So you have come across these “JAMB agents” who ask you for money and promise to upgrade your JAMB score?

But, let’s face the reality here:

If you score low in your JAMB exam, can you upgrade the score?

How possible is JAMB result upgrade?

After JAMB exams and the results are released, many JAMBites go hunting for how to increase their JAMB score/result, especially those who believe their performance is poor for the course they applied for.

Of course, when JAMBites are in such a desperate search for”result upgrade”, you should expect that someone would come up to exploit them. These are the so-called JAMB agents.

In WhatsApp Groups I created, there are usually many spammy posts from these so-called agents, looking for candidates that will pay them a certain amount of money to have their result upgraded.

Sometimes on this blog, I also come across such comments. Same goes with a claim like this:

“so or so agent helped me upgrade my JAMB score, from 180 to 300. Here is his contact…”

And some like in the screenshot below:

How to upgrade JAMB score?

The question should be: can you really upgrade the JAMB score?

The amazing thing is that as obvious as the answer to the above question is, many JAMB candidates wish it is the other way round.

Now, imagine if JAMB score can be upgraded, then what’s the sense in the whole JAMB exam thing?

If you can just give some “JAMB agents” some bucks and your result gets upgraded, then, JAMB exam will become a useless thing and a pure waste of time.

Also, if by any chance this so-called result upgrade is official, the cost of would skyrocket such that only the rich can buy the highest scores.

So, does it work?

The bottom line here is simple: There is nothing from JAMB called exam score upgrade. Those who claim to be some JAMB agents (or whatever) that upgrade JAMB score are scammers.

Please, do not send anyone any money for result score upgrade. Beware of fraudsters! DO NOT drop your phone numbers or any contact details in this post comment section!

Use Post-UTME to cover up for JAMB

All the best in your screening exam!

28 thoughts on “How to safely upgrade JAMB score/result 2021?”

    1. Jamb upgrade is not true… It’s purely scam…. I know of someone who was duped of #21500 yesterday… They are not real and the testimonies you see online are fake testimonies, they are the thesame scammers who are testifying. Pls students don’t fall prey. I beg you. How on earth do you even think that Jamb score can be upgraded? If it can, why has everyone not gained admission, why do people stil have low score, or don’t you think goodnews go viral and students won’t hesistate? If it’s true, then nobody will be left with a low Jamb score….

  1. Pls upgrade my jamb result
    I don’t know what to do again
    Pls I will pay any any amount it will cost
    [phone number removed by admin to protect poster]

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