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Importance of Education In Nigeria (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Importance of Education In Nigeria
Importance of Education In Nigeria

Western education has impacted many people in Nigeria. The most educated people in Africa come from Nigeria.

Western education introduced Nigeria to the world. It helped this nation gain recognition on the international stage.

What led to the emergence of western education in Nigeria? Who is in charge of providing Nigerians with knowledge?

It was brought into Nigeria by Christian missionaries in 1842 and led to the establishment of the first school in Badagry, Lagos.

Gradually, other educational establishments emerged, and Nigerians’ lives became more solidly anchored in Western education.

But what positive or negative effect has this had on Nigerians? Read on to find out.

This article will explain thoroughly the advantages, disadvantages, and importance of education in Nigeria.

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Advantages Of Western Education In Nigeria

Truthfully, Nigeria cannot forget what Western education did. It is indeed a great blessing to us at large.

Here are the advantages of western education in Nigeria

1. Independence

Western education made it possible for Nigerians to gain independence from their colonial masters.

However, the first republic was created when Nigerians attained the necessary education and secretly pursued independence.

 It is one of the advantages and achievements of education in Nigeria.

2. Improved Standard Of Living

Undoubtedly, our standard of living has improved more compared to our forefathers in the pre-colonial era.

We are not falling behind the rest of the globe because we can use contemporary ways to solve problems in our daily lives.

One such instance is how family planning techniques have helped typical families have fewer children than the large nuclear households of the past.

3. Development In Science And Technology

It is another advantage western education brought to Nigeria.

It has helped us improve beyond our uncivilized ways of life. Life has become more comfortable thanks to numerous technological advancements. 

Western education has enabled the construction of bridges, roads, and other examples of modern infrastructure.

4. International Relationship

Western education has made Nigeria gain global recognition and exposure. An example of this is the literary Nobel Prize won by Wole Soyinka.

However, Nigeria can partake in international competitions and show its abilities and talents to the world.

5. Promising Future

Western education has brought us to where today with a hope for a bright future.

Gradually, things are improving, and hopefully, Nigeria will join the group of the world’s most developed nations with time.

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Disadvantages Of Western Education In Nigeria

1. Death Of African Cultures And Traditions

Westernization has made us forget the cultures and traditions our forefathers treasured and practised before the colonial era.

2. Moral Decay

Western education has caused a high level of immorality among Nigerians. 

Examples such as adultery, fornication, abortion, indecent dressing, drug abuse, and the like have become the order of the day.

3. Disagreement In Families

Many families no longer enjoy peace in their homes. Why? A spouse may want to imbibe western cultures, while another is against it.

This unnecessary disagreement could affect the bond and love between spouses.

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4. Inconsistent Change In The System OF Government

The system of government embraced by our forefathers was firm and more consistent than the ones we have now.

But today, Nigeria keeps switching from one system to another.

5. Less Interest In Agriculture

Western education has made many youths less interested in agriculture. 

Many young people have neglected agriculture in search of white-collar jobs. Hence, it is affecting agricultural development.

Instead, youths should use western education to improve agriculture and not abandon it.

Importance Of Education In Nigeria

Here is the importance of education in Nigeria:

1. Employment Opportunities

Education helps provide employment opportunities for educated people and increases the chances for a better life.

It also eradicates idleness and laziness as it ensures that youths are engaged in a productive course that adds value to a country’s development and improves their well-being.

2. Reduction in Illiteracy

Education helps to reduce the rate of illiteracy in our society. It also equips the young students with the right skills, knowledge, and values required to deal with societal problems.

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3. Technological Advancement

Education improves national development through technological advancement in all sectors of the economy and causes an increment in production and overall development.

It also helps eliminate the traditional ways of operation by introducing technology that will make citizens comfortable and ensures the country’s growth and development.

4. Increase Agricultural Productivity

Education helps introduce new methods and equipment that increase agricultural productivity and develop the agricultural sector.

It helps farmers become more productive by educating them on modern farming methods and equipment use, which has a significant positive impact on the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

5. Development of the Health Sector

Education contributes to the improvement of the nation’s health sector; by producing qualified medical personnel that ensures the well-being of the citizens.

Additionally, it ensures that better medical facilities are employed for the health of citizens, thus boosting a nation’s development.


Western education has advantages and disadvantages, depending on how we apply it. 

It can get better if we utilize the system’s positive features while attempting to make improvements to its negative features.

However, since education is the driving force behind every nation’s advancement, it is crucial to prioritize it since it helps a nation’s economy expand and improve.

Above all, Nigerians ought to use this type of education as a weapon to promote national growth while protecting our culture, norms, and tradition for a better country.

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