How to print (or reprint) JAMB exam slip 2020/2021

Printing of JAMB exam slip had commenced as at March 6th, 2020.

In this post are 3 key things about printing of JAMB exam slip:

  1. the procedure for the UTME candidates to print their JAMB exam slip,
  2. how many copies to print
  3. and why you need the exam slip.

Why you should reprint your JAMB slip

You need to print your JAMB slip because the slip is expected to contain important information such as:

  • The date for your JAMB 2020 exam
  • Venue for the exam and,
  • Time for your JAMB exam
  • Etc.

So, you need to get your printout ready and know details about your upcoming exam.

How to Print 2020/2021 JAMB Exam Slip

You can use any of these options for the reprinting of your JAMB exam Slip:

  • Check JAMB your profile page
  • Print the slip from JAMB website
  • Check your email for the slip

But instead  of checking email, SMS or other options, simply print the slip from the official JAMB website as shown below. 

Steps print or reprint JAMB UTME exam slip from JAMB website:

  1. Visit JAMB website at
  2. Click the link that says “UTME 2020 Examination Slip”
  3. Enter your Reg Number OR e-Mail OR GSM Number
  4. Click “Print Examination Slip” to reprint your JAMB slip.

How many copies of JAMB slip should you print out?

I personally advise you to print two colour copies. One for the exam, one your own copy in case you need it. This is just my personal advice.

Reprint 2020 JAMB Exam Slip via Email

Based on how it was done in previously, JAMB can also send the exam slip to email addresses of candidates.

So, you can check the email address you used to register for JAMB to see if your slip was sent to you.

If not, don’t worry. Just check your email later or simply use JAMB website in case JAMB fails to email the slip to every candidate.

But make sure you get your slip ready before the day JAMB 2020 exam will start. You can visit JAMB website (as soon as it’s ready) to print your slip.

Please share this post. All the best in your JAMB 2020/2021 exam.

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