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Who gives admission? JAMB or Schools or O’Level? FIND OUT!

What you probably don’t know is how admission is given to students seeking admissions into universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria.

Here I want to tell you how it works, based on my own understanding. Please note that this is not some official info from JAMB.

Who gives candidates admission?

In terms of exams, O’Level, JAMB and post-UTME screening determine your qualification for admission. But in terms of organizations, both schools and JAMB determine who gets admission and who don’t.

How do I mean?

To gain admission into the Nigerian universities, you must pass the required subjects in O’Level (WAEC or NECO or the equivalent) and JAMB, and also pass the post-UTME screening exam set by the school.

Eventually, what determines your admission are your performances in the respective exams:

  •  O’Level (WAEC/NECO)
  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME screening

So, while it is OK to assume that admission lies totally in the hands of JAMB, it also makes sense to consider the roles O’Level and schools post-UTME play.

This is important because some candidates take O’Level and post-UTME for granted but worry so much about JAMB.

Know it today that JAMB score contributes only its own part in your overall admission points!

Schools role in giving admission

Schools handle post-UTME screening. Apart from the Post-UTME screening exams, schools also set the Admission Cutoff marks and any candidate that did not score up to the departmental cutoff mark is not qualified for admission, at least not on merit.

Overall admission points

In the end, the candidate’s admission point is determined by summing up:

  • O’Level subjects grades (A, B or C have different points, with A having the biggest point)
  • JAMB result: JAMB result contributes a significant portion of the total admission points
  • Post-UTME screening exam score

Now that you know the three main things that play very important roles and help you gain admission into the school of your choice, I hope you make the effort to take all of them seriously.

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