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Best JAMB CBT Practice App For 2023 - Free Download

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One of the best ways to pass and score high in the JAMB exam is to read and study JAMB's past questions and answers very well. It will be impossible for you to score high (above 280) in your JAMB exam if you don't study JAMB's past questions and answers very well.

That's why we'll be recommending the Best JAMB CBT Practice App For 2022 which you can download for FREE.

Why Is This JAMB App Different From Others?

EduPadi JAMB CBT App
EduPadi JAMB CBT App

The JAMB App is very simple and easy to navigate, it can provide explanations to correct answers, helps you improve, and has all that a candidate needs to succeed.

Powerful Features of EduPadi JAMB CBT Practice App

  • The App contains all the subjects approved and offered in JAMB.
  • Access to 26 years past questions and answers from 1994-2020. A total of over 35,000 JAMB past questions and answers.
  • No Internet connection is needed. It's 100% offline.
  • Access to the updated JAMB Syllabus for all subjects.
  • Access to the Latest JAMB Brochure with Free PDF Download.
  • In-built Calculator for subjects with calculations without leaving the interface.
  • It covers 4 different JAMB Novels including THE LIFE CHANGER Novel.
  • One-time and Lifetime Subscription of just N1,000
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • A detailed explanation of how you perform on each subject.
  • Give corrections on missed answers.
  • Automatic Update.
  • Timer and Auto Submission Setting.

Why You Should Download the EduPadi JAMB CBT Practice App Now?

  • Free Access to EduPadi over 1,500 Articles on all school information that you need.
  • Access to Free WhatsApp Expo Groups.
  • Free Access to Active JAMB 2022 WhatsApp Groups & Groups for Aspirants of Different Schools.
  • Free Access to EduPadi Classroom
  • Free Access to EduPadi Online Discussion Forum
  • Easy contact with EduPadi.

How To Download EduPadi JAMB CBT Practice App

It's absolutely free to download the EduPadi JAMB App. Kindly click the link below to download on the Google Play Store.


How To Use The EduPadi JAMB CBT App

After downloading and installing the EduPadi JAMB CBT App to your phone, you only have access to 5 practice questions for each subject you want to practice.

To get access to the full questions and answers, you need to activate the app.

Download the EduPadi JAMB CBT App for free and you will see where to activate the app when you install and open it. Or chat with us on WhatsApp for the activation code.

Learn How To Activate EduPadi JAMB CBT App Here

Read EduPadi JAMB CBT App Terms and Conditions Here

DOWNLOAD - Edupadi JAMB CBT App Here


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